Why Are Autism Rates in Israel So Low?

Approximately 1 in 88 children in the United States have some form of Autism. Only 1 out of every 208 Israelis children have this condition. There have been several studies done to examine why Israel has such lower rates of Autism. Below are some of the possible explanations:
Fewer vaccinations
Vaccinations have been a subject of controversy for the past 10 years. The number of vaccinations that the children are required to have has increased, and many are speculating that there is a correlation between Autism and vaccinations. Even though health experts assert that Autism is not caused by vaccines, it is quite interesting that this condition is less common in Israelis children. Children in Israel are not required to have as many vaccines as American children.


Many Israelis today still maintain kosher lifestyle. The kosher diet forbids the eating of swine and other foods that have been deemed unclean. There have been studies done to confirm that a poor maternal diet can lead to Autism. It is possible that poor dietary has an effect on pregnant women to cause autism.

Fewer environmental toxins

If a mother is exposed to toxins in the environment during her pregnancy, her growing child could be at an increased risk for developing autism. Is it because Israel has far fewer environmental toxins and that could be another possible explanation for the lower autism rates.


  1. miriam says

    your statistics are way off. the rate in Israel is approximately 1:150. And we are Israelis, not “Israelites”.

  2. admin says

    Thanks Miriam for updating the statistics. It is scary that how fast autism has increases throughout the world. It was a mathematical typo error err on my part. You would be right to say that in 2010 the prevalence rate of 8 years old Israelis children is 1 per 154 children.

  3. N. M. Rao says

    You people go on putting some information and send to all who are already struggling with challenges incurred by Autism. How authentic your information and what is the basis for your information?. I went to your clinic Chicago and I met one your receptionist in the counter, I feel that it is nothing but massage center or modern beauty clinic. From there I travelled to Kansas to see the Great Plains Laboratory who are talking about organic acid test and other results. Please stop sending information without proper guidelines and justification. I hope this is going to be an alert to all who are following this website.

  4. Dr. Alonim says

    As an Israeli expert in the field of autism, I must correct this misleading and irresponsible information: the autism prevalence in Israel for 2012 is 1 per 200 children! Since this information shows this site’s lack of thorough data, I won’t read any of your information anymore!

  5. admin says

    Hi Rao, I apologized if I offended you but I have never met you personally and I could not understand the reasons for your fuming. Just because I am located inside a medical spa or “massage center or modern beauty clinic” does not discounted my competences. Great Plains Laboratory is just what the name implies that it is a laboratory that provides testing for many conditions including autism. I have to apologize again if you are expecting to see a large clinic of autism. I pride myself in researching and conferring FREE usable consumer information to assist those families with autistic kids who otherwise could not afford the expensive treatments.

  6. admin says

    Dear Dr. Alonim, please accept my sincere apology for my typo error about this blog and it really was not my intention to indicate that Israel has 1 per 2400 case of autism. It is human to err. Actually, the statistic you indicated referred to a 2010 survey of Israelis children under 12 years old at a prevalence rate of 1 per 208 (Davidovitch et al, 2012) but you could be right that probably 2012 could even be less than the 2010 number. However, you should not discounted the issues that I am raising about the reasons for the much lower incidence in Israel versus USA.

    Davidovitch, M., Hemo, B., Manning-Courtney, P. and Fombonne, E. (2012) ‘Prevalence and incidence of autism spectrum disorder in an Israeli population’, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 27 July, pp. 1-9, Springer [Online]. Available at:
    http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10803-012-1611-z?LI=true#page-6 (Accessed: 12 December 2012).

  7. CB says

    This article is plain WRONG and should just be deleted. There are no sources cited and the email saying 1 in 2400 is ridiculous! The reason why I clicked on the link was to read about this and then the article is different. Also, it was hard to read with numerous grammar errors and just vomits up the same information we have all heard before with no real proof.

  8. admin says

    Sorry CB, as I explained to others that this was my fault in part for rushing to publishing this blog and not checking the mathematical typo error of the statistics. Thank you for pointing this out.

  9. sonia veimer says

    If you investigate all this years sine we know about autism why you can cure this very sad children

  10. admin says

    Dear Sonia, I wish and hope for that there would be a breakthrough but autism does not have a common morphology. Most eventually needed biomedical support and in most cases, the neurology is highly affected. Take care my friend and I would keep searching.

  11. N. M. Rao says

    I appreciate your response to my e-mail, though initially I thought you would neglect this type of e-mails which highlights the reality. I do not have any intension to compare Great plains laboratory with your clinic. I agree that any place or location does not really represent capability of specific service but the facility does. May be we neither understand your facilities, nor your free services through emails. For the past 7 years, almost every day I have been watching your website and e-mails which gives some information here and there and none is really useful. In Dec 2011 I have travelled to US all the way from India to reach such institutions and hospitals.

    One way great plains laboratory is finding the deficiencies from the Autistic child’s blood that indicates some direction to the parents. Infact you too sent some e-mails across the world about Organic acid test and if you analyze the strategy it is a simple business plan. I mean you don’t give the confidence that you have some set of panel doctors or you have some kind of advanced medical facilities, or you have some kind of research team. You might have, but my point is you failed to project.
    Families are already in tremendous depression due to lack of direction / kid’s future improvement. Apologies if my deliberate writing hurts you. As a matter of fact in one city in India I found more than 1000 children with this disorder. I have experienced the pain of such families. Therefore my humble request is to do something which is constructive and help the Autistic society. There are meany families around the world are being cheated by fraud websites, and I do not wish to see your website in that list.


  12. Michelle says

    I am a mother of a 7 year old autistic daughter and I have been following this site for a while now. I agree regarding this blog that it is human to err. However, that should not detract from the main gist of it; that there are countries out there, such as Israel, with much lower rates of autism and perhaps we should be looking at reasons for this and if we can learn anything from them. I understand that whilst some may feel this site is really not offering much more than being an information centre: it IS vitally important to us parents. In my experience, I meet a lot of new parents of children with autism and they NEED this type of information. This site is very good at explaining things in easy to understand language.
    I use many sources to gain and keep updated my knowledge of how to treat my daughter including this site, the Autistic Society, Son-Rise Institute, Treating Autism etc. and the more we parents have access to information; the more hope we have for our children.

  13. admin says

    Thank you Michelle for your support and it is because of people like you that never give up hope for the children that inspire me to keep disseminating useful information on all and any thing about autism. I would keep going for as long as I could financially and mentally in spite of the abuse. Best regards, Dr. Wong

  14. admin says

    Hi Rao, thank you for your kind reply. It is true that some of my contents are repetitive or even simplistic in explanation because when I first started blogging back in 2009 most of my readers are ‘beginners’ or merely looking for basic infromation about autism. However, as the years passed I have subscribers to my blog site that are mostly professionals or even experts in this field. Therefore, I have already mixed my blog messages to be some basic, some intermediate and even advanced technical information to cater to a wide range of audiences. I promised to continue to try and bring new information about autism but you would still see some ‘basic’ materials as well for my ‘non-technical’ audience. Last, I am fully committed to be a non-fraud site and like I always said you do have to do your due diligence in asking for services from any company or sites for that matter. Moreover, just because a site looks good does not necessary meant they know anything about autism.

  15. BK Lagorra says

    Hello Dr. Wong,

    I have an 6-year old Autistic Boy. Your website has been one of a great help and giving signs of hope that someday will come to discoveries of the real cause and that ultimately cure these angels.

    I think those who discredit your efforts must be ashamed. They are not helping us but you are. Please continue to make your research because we are behind you.

    Thank you.

    BK Lagorra

  16. says

    Thank you BK Lagorra for your encouragement. This site is wholly paid for by my own funds and hopefully with products bought from this site. However, in reality the purchases from this site is quite limited and I still fund this blog using my own money. I hope to continue doing it.

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