What The Autistic Body Needs To Stay Healthy


In addition to diet, the autistic body is often lacking proper nutrition. This isn’t hard to believe considering many children in general have picky appetites. The truth is though, is that the body cannot fight off sickness nor can the brain operate at its full potential without the proper food and nutrition. If your child won’t sign onto the idea of eating an array of foods with vital vitamins, a supplement may be the answer. Below are some of the most common vitamins and supplements that have been found beneficial in treating Autism.

· Vitamin B1 (Thiamine): A body with a Thiamine deficiency doesn’t deliver the proper fuel to the brain in order for it to function. Because of this, inflammation and damage to the brain are very possible. Gastrointestinal disorders, which come hand in hand with Autism, can cause an inability for the body to absorb Vitamin B1.

· Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Autistic bodies have been found to have a mutated enzyme (MTHFR). Vitamin B2 is needed for the healthy production of MTHFR and also aids in metabolizing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

· Vitamin B3 (Niacin) is traditionally given to increase skin quality and circulation, but its benefits outreach luminous skin. In a case study, rats that had a stroke were given Vitamin B3, and it was shown that new, healthy brain cells were created and they experienced improved neurological function. Not only has Vitamin B3 been prescribed for circulatory issues, but for many conditions such as depression, anxiety, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.

· Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride): Research has found a link between those who are suffering from Autism and those with a particular form of epilepsy (seizure disorder). When taken with magnesium, Vitamin B6 helps alleviate several Autism symptoms.

· Vitamin B12 (cobalamin): Vitamin B12 is one of the most essential of the B vitamins as it is normally responsible for metabolizing every cell in the body. In order to have a healthy working nervous system, Vitamin B12 is essential. A deficiency of Vitamin B12 has been known to cause a number of conditions such as delirium, anxiety, delayed thinking, and developmental regression.

· Folic Acid: A deficiency of Folic Acid has many of the same issues as that of Vitamin B12, only with potential digestive issues as well. Folic acid is necessary to maintain healthy cell production and maintaining DNA. Some research has indicated that Autistic Children have a deficiency in their “Folic Acid Cycle”.

· Vitamin A: This vitamin is necessary for language processing as well as tissue growth. Some research has shown that Vitamin A supplements can aid in memory, visual perception and language production.

· Vitamin C: Many Autistic bodies have shown a deficiency in Vitamin C. Supplementing this vitamin can promote the body to excrete toxins like heavy metals.


  1. udayan says

    i have been thinking about this…. since my 9 years autistic son doesn’t eat foods like spinach,banana, some other fruits,veg. thanks for ur article.

  2. Cindy says

    How often should you have your levels checked to make sure everything is at a correct level? If you should stop taking something?

  3. veronica says

    hello , my nephw is currently on th vit b12 shots but he is extremely hyper!I know this is common but we are not seeing much of a difference, should we cont?

  4. says

    my child is 6. What dose should I give to him? Does the hair test show me the deficit of vitramins and minerals? is it better if I do that test? And should he take them forever? Please write to me. thank you

  5. nadia says

    I think you need to do the hair test, in the case of my child the test showed defictiency in iron and zinc besides giving supplemental vitamines is essential once the child on diet

    thank you

  6. syed says

    My child is 3. Igive her Nu Thera 5 ml and vitaminB6.She is on gfcfse dite is this ok for her she cant take codlevir oil she hate of smell of it.

  7. admin says

    Hi Syed, what you are doing is basic and it is a good start. You could also use Omegas if not cod liver oil. Normally, for B6 you look at your blood chemistry: CBC, Uric Acid

  8. admin says

    Hi Nadia, I agreed BUT best to use the info from a blood chemistry like you know for sure you need Iron and/or Zinc supplementation if you have low hemoglobin, RBC, serum iron, ferritin and/or transferrin and for zinc look at for low alkaline phosphatase. You could also simply taste liquid zinc and if tasteless, you are deficiency. Please be careful about supplementing iron as it is a heavy metal.

  9. admin says

    Hi Figo, Hair is an excretory organ and so the test tells you besides about heavy metal exposure and also, trace mineral status. By itself, it is not a concrete test. No, we don’t normally take minerals and vitamins forever. This is why we do testing.

  10. admin says

    Hi Veronica, it depends on how long he is doing the B12 shot and at what dosage. Anyway, try for 2 weeks and see if it improves and then try cutting the dosage by half to see the differences. To continue it is best to test and I am unsure how you got prescribed onto B12???

  11. admin says

    Hi Cindy, in the beginning we should try re-testing every 6 months and if the numbers shown improvement you could do yearly testing.

  12. admin says

    Hi Hammam, yes and no you should take the vitamins “forever”. You must do basic blood chemistry testing to find out.

  13. admin says

    Hi Michael, try to contact http://www.generationrescue.com as I believed they give out grant of about $2000. Good luck or else try to learn more about his condition/behaviour and then use natural food/diet. Believe me you could do a lot by eliminating unhealthy lifestyle/environmental toxicities from his life.

  14. admin says

    Hi Carmel, please start your son soon possible on the biomedical pathway by trying to find a medical cause for his behavior. If you need our services, contact us.

  15. Muchiri says

    for my 13year old daughter who is not choosy on food she eat,have even subjected her to the omegas 3 for over 3months and there was no change. My daughter is also epileptic, what connection is there btw autism and epilepsy?

  16. admin says

    Dear Muchiri, autism has a strong connection with epilepsy. Some research indicates that the brain is inflamed and more often the causation is heavy metals like mercury. Therefore, most autistic kids would eventually developed seizures or epilepsy. Your best bet to help your daughter is to decrease neuro-inflammation or even attempt to do some sort of chelation therapy to pull out heavy metals, however, it is more difficult to do so for the brain. How about using OSR-1?

  17. aamir aziz says

    hope you are fine.please tell me about the supplements/medicines beneficial for my 07 years old autistic daughter who is unable to speak.will your organization provide me all the medicine on my address in pakistan and what will be the cost.thanks aamir aziz

  18. admin says

    Dear Aamir, we could help if you like for all your requests. I would have my office contact you.

  19. veronica says

    hi dr.
    you asked about prescribed b12 shots, theses are called methyl b12 shots, he is under dr. neubranders care.

  20. admin says

    Hi Gretchen, this product like most others cannot get the heavy metals deeply embedded in our tissues and moreover the molecules are too big to ‘grasp’ the mercury for example but otherwise is has potential to be a great superficial chelator kinda of like a preparatory work before doing the heavy duty chelating therapy.

  21. Mildred Chimwene says

    Dear Admin,
    Am a parent with autistic son aged 4 years. I have put him on DMG, GABA, VITAMIN B6 + MAGNESIUM for 6 months now. But still my son can not speak a word although there is some response to communication. Kindly advise me on what i can do for effective results.

  22. admin says

    Hi Mildred, I have no clue how you get started to putting your son on those supplements and why you do so. Personally, I would like to ‘investigate’ a bit at the very least to get some basic knowledge about it. From my clinical experience, poor communication could be due to dysbiosis (Clostridia species), neurological damages such as inflammation, heavy metals, viral, poor immune function and so forth. Otherwise if you cannot afford care from a qualified practitioner then yoou shpuld start on a GFCF diet and ‘fix’ the gut. Call me at my office if you need my services. Take care!

  23. MILDRED says

    how can one get direct contact with you. as in the telephone number or rather physcial address. In addition to the suppliment i have mentioned above he is also on GFCF.

  24. admin says

    Hi Mildred, You can contact our office at 1-847-854-8052. our address is 1451 Merchant Drive Algonquin, IL 60102

  25. Kaie says

    Dear Admin, I am a mother of 4-year-old autistic boy who is on GFCF diet and we are using supplements and vitamins. We live in Europe. I wanted to ask about if there is any specific amount of how much of a certain vitamin is necessary for an autistic child to consume per day that has proven to be effective (the different vitamin B-s for example) and could it be a complex vitamin B (which includes all the above different vitamin B-s) as can be bought from regular pharmacy (without any gluten and casein of course) or are there any specific vitamins allowed only. Kind regards.

  26. admin says

    Hi Kaie, it is good that your son is on a GFCF diet unless proven otherwise. There really isn’t any vitamins or supplements to take for autistic kid unless the ‘tests’ indicated so. The dosage is usually half the adult and is weight-based. There are so many different bottles of supplement on the market and each carry different dosage per vitamin or so. It is not feasible to tell you each vitamin dosage separately as you would not be able to get them. Since you asked about the others I would let you know what you need. Generally, we need a good probiotic, digestive enzymes, multiple vitamins, omegas and make sure your child is not ‘stress’ and low in oxygen like anemia. Take care.

  27. admin says

    Hi Mildred, why did you put your son ” on DMG, GABA, VITAMIN B6 + MAGNESIUM” and is this based on any reasons like testing, etc. Your one-line comment is not enough for me to understand and help your son. Since you asked I would give you a short version based on experiences. Have you assessed his gut health, brain health and address any blood chemistry deficiencies especially anemia, blood sugar handling issue, adrenal, vitamin D, zinc and gut inflammation. There are much to be done and since you haven’t tested him and proven otherwise then he should be on GFCF diet.

  28. Shelly says

    Hi! We struggle immensely with eating challenges & nutrition. We work continuously on sensory issues in a positive way and add in supplements through our son’s drinks. This has helped us.

    The biggest and most exciting help has been the Sonrise Program from The Autism Treatment Center with Raun Kaufman. It is the MOST SUPPORTIVE and LOVING program and we’ve met friends from all over the world. Our son is much more in tune and responsive since we have implemented Sonrise therapy. Wanted to share…remember parents KNOW our children and are the best advocate for them. Many blessings to all and keep up the good work and faith.

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