What is Chelation and How Can it Help My Child with Autism? Part 1

Chelation is the process utilized to remove damaging heavy metals from the body. Mercury, iron, and other metals are often found in the Autistic body and can have negative effects on the brain making Autism symptoms even worse. Another source of damaging metals is Thimerosal, which is found in many childhood vaccines. Chelation Therapy includes the administering of chelating agents to remove heavy metals. Chelation has been proven to remove excess or toxic metals before they can damage the body and was first used in the 1940s by the Navy to treat lead poisoning.

Our bodies have natural methods of eliminating these toxins from our bodies. In the very young and the very old, it can be more difficult to rid the body of heavy metals, which can therefore accumulate faster than they can be removed.

Heavy metals are tested in various regions of the body depending on which heavy metal it is. One of the most sensitive tests available at most labs is called a Porphyrin Profile.


  1. Necitas Casalan says

    If the hair metal test indicates high metal toxicity but the porphyrin test shows a normal level, will this be an indication that the child do not need chelation like DMSA or EDTA,that natural methods like MB12 injection, glutathione lotion, N acetylceistein lotion, L carnosine ,chlorella, TMG, follinic acid to boast the immune system would be quite enough to detoxify the child for metals?My son at the same time is on natural antifungal therapy and listening therapy.Doctor checked his liver and kidney and found out to be ok.

  2. admin says

    Hi Ferlat, porphyrins is normally produced in liver and bone marrow. They are pigments and when you incorporated a ‘metal’ like iron it became heme and so forth depending on the types of ‘mineral’. They are affected by organotoxins, heavy metal contaminations or polymorphism (genetical changes) of cells. For example, if you see a high rise in measured ‘total porphyrin’ then the body is intoxicated with toxins. It is a useful functional test as it could be very specific with different heavy metal burden. On my blog, you could buy a porphyrin test which I would include analysis and interpretation.

  3. admin says

    Dear Necitas, you are quite right to say that aggressive chelation therapy is not necessary with a normal porphyrin reading and a high hair analysis test. However, you could use simple minerals or vitamins such as selenium, vitamin C, NAC, Chlorella, Glutathione etc to detoxify those heavy metals. The important thing to understand is that hair analysis heavy metals test reveal chronic burden (cellular storage) and that porphyrin test is a functional test about the health effect due to chronic exposure.

  4. Shendy says

    Hi !
    I wanted to ask about the heavy metal analyses.Which are the heavy metals(beside those you mentioned above) the test need to be done.Which is more useful blood test or urine test?

    Thank you

  5. Zacharia says

    The discover made by the team working with Dr Nahum Sonenberg
    (see the article: Can Innovative Cancer Research Help Solve the Au-
    tism Puzzle?), if the report is valid, creates a new era in the efforts to
    treat autism.
    Encourage these people is a duty for everybody of us.
    Thanks Dr Nahum Sonenberg to you and to your team.

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