Using Vitamin and Mineral Supplements To Treat Autism And Other Ailments

One of the most common treatments for Autism is the use of vitamins and minerals as supplements for what the body is missing. While many report positive results from this, the research is limited as far as them being used for Autism.

Vitamins and Minerals are known universally as being beneficial for general health. This can be attributed for their connection with the production of neurotransmitters and role in digestion.

It is often difficult to fuel your child’s body with vitamins and minerals when their digestion is off. Additionally, how do you know which vitamins and minerals that your child needs? Are their bodies deficient in Vitamin D? Iron? Unless you know what exactly your child’s body needs, it’s nearly impossible to know which vitamins and minerals are necessary to improve your child’s health.

The inadequate consumption of vitamins and minerals along with a poor diet are the cause of many sicknesses and ailments. Because the gut and digestive system are like a 2nd brain in the body, it’s important that they’re given the right fuel to run correctly. Amongst the ailments that are connected with poor diet and lack of proper vitamins and minerals are:

Anemia (Caused by Low Iron), Hyperthyroid (Low Iodine), Scurvy (Deficient in Vitamin C), Rickets (Low Calcium and/or Vitamin D).

As of late, the focus has switched from these conditions to developmental disorders as well as learning and intellectual disorders.  A study was conducted recently that focused on Autism and the idea that nutritional inefficiencies and metabolic imbalances play a role in ASD.

A recent survey that was conducted found that vitamin and mineral supplements are among the most vastly used treatment suggestions for Autism, and yet the number of studies that have been officially conducted is very low.  Three individual studies have shown that children with Autism have ‘impaired methylation’, decreased gluathione and increased oxidative stress compared to children without an ASD or developmental disorder.

Two related surveys further found that supplements, specifically B12, resulted in improvements in methylation, gluathione and lowered oxidative stress. A 30 week study featured high doses of Vitamin C. These studies resulted in a decreased severity of Autism based on the Ritvo Freeman scale. There have been 11 double-blind placebo studies done with high doses of Vitamin B6 with magnesium – which showed dramatic behavior improvements.

In the most recent study, a three month treatment with vitamin and mineral supplementation, there was a successful result in that the vitamins and minerals were well tolerated. There was also an increase and improvement in metabolic status.

Before you can begin a treatment plan customized to your child, you should make sure you know which vitamins and minerals their body is lacking. Dr. Wong currently is offering his Blood Chemistry Analysis which tests 70 different biomarkers and can determine diseases your child may or may not have, and whether your current diet or supplement plans are working. If you’re ready to get your child on the right path to treating their Autism symptoms, then check out the test in our store!


  1. gargi bhattacharya says

    My child is 8 years old and is mild autistic where social and emotional parameters are concerned. He is non verbal and has poor fine motor control. Gross motor is exceptionally good. His tests reflect very low iron and ferritin. Am scared to give him iron supplements because of a resultant hyper behaviour. His metal index is all normal, and is also free of any mitochondrial dysfunction and allergies common to ASD. He has very strong olfactory and tactile seeking behaviour. Please advice. Thank you. regards, Gargi

  2. Necitas Casalan says

    Can vitamins and mineral therapy also cure neuro excitotoxicity?When quinolinic acid is high but serotonin level is low, virus, bacteria or infection could be a factor, how can we treat this microglia activation aside from the vitamins and mineral supplement? Could sauna and acupuncture therapy be of help?

  3. admin says

    Dear Gargi,
    If you would like some advice through a consultation, please contact our office at
    or call at 847-854-8052. We can set up an appointment with Dr. Wong to discuss this in more detail.

  4. admin says

    Hi Necitas, generally speaking neuro-excitotoxicity is just another ‘word’ for neuro-inflammation or technically neuro-degeneration. If you know the right ‘ingredients’ of vitamins, minerals and oils then it is possible to retard or ‘reverse’ the issue. The useful herbs include green tea extract, curcumin, rutin, baicelein, resveratrol, apigenin and luteolin. Sauna therapy is most useful for detoxification or improving circulation and acupuncture generally used to activate body’s neurology system via acupoints sitting on meridians’ lines.

  5. admin says

    Hi Gargi, let me remind you that our nervous system or brain needs oxygen (carry by good circulation and iron), glucose and proper stimulation to function optimally. Besides, direct supplementation of iron you should ensure that he has stomach enzymes to absorb it, the dietary is rich with meats or organ meats and that he is not ‘bleeding’ somewhere. I afraid this is as far I can comment on your son being I do not personally have all the rest of the medical information. If you like to hire me please contact my officce..

  6. Dwon says

    My son has had blood work x- rays and seen about his eating habits,i just dont understand these 2hrs tantrums and bad sleeping habits.Help!What can i do.

  7. admin says

    We can set up an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Wong to review all of your son’s medical history
    and your chief concerns with his behaviors and sleep patterns. The first step would be for the doctor
    to review past lab work to determine what has been done to this point. A consultation can be done in the
    office or via SKYPE or phone. The consultation will be able to answer some of your questions in regards
    to this issue and the doctor can discuss with you his recommended action plan for treatment.
    If you would like to speak with the doctor, please contact me through either email at
    or 847-854-8052. Best regards, Yvette (assistant to Dr. Chun Wong)

  8. admin says

    Hi Dwon, I am going to take my best guess as to your son’s 2 hours tantrum and poor sleeping habits. Some of the issues causing them include: blood sugar handling imbalance (poor diet), poor gut health (caused by dysbiosis or food sensitivities) and his influential social circle.

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