Top 10 People with Autism

Autism is a disorder that affects how people react to social interactions and sensory issues. Millions of people have autism, even some famous ones that may be recognized.

  1. Although Albert Einstein has long been gone, all the signs point to him being autistic. He was not a fluent speaker until he was nine years old and was considered eccentric and a loner. He was named “Person of the Century,” by Time Magazine in 1999.
  2. The actress, Daryl Hannah, suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a type of Autism. She is very socially shy and does not like being in the spotlight.
  3. Another famous actor with autism is Matthew Laborteaux who is known for playing Albert Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie.”
  4. Dr. Temple Grandin is an exceptional woman with autism. She is the Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and has nine books published as well as a movie made about her.
  5. Charles Darwin is another exceptional person that displayed signs of Asperger’s Syndrome.
  6. Several famous authors have been diagnosed as autistic: Sue Rubin,
  7. Donna Williams,
  8. Arman Khodaei,
  9. Michelle Dawson – all 6-9 have not let their diagnosis prevent them from getting published.
  10. The well known artist, Dylan Scott Pierce, was discovered when he was just twelve years old. His wildlife paintings have received national recognition.

The main factor that all these people share is that they have not let autism hold them back from their goals and dreams. Many forms of treatment have been discovered that help people with autism cope better with the disorder.


  1. Ruky Akinwale says

    can you please provide information where autistic children can be trained particularly in India & Oman

  2. admin says

    Hi Ruky, you could checked out the DAN website. It has tons of information and maybe you could contact them.

  3. Nancy Naylor says

    I’m really bothered by posts like this. I’m happy for those that have done well in spite of their autism, but as we know not all cases of autism are created equal. So phrases like these people did “not let autism hold them back from their goals and dreams,” make it sound like it’s all about attitude. It is not! These people had relatively mild cases that they were able to work through with therapies. There are many others that aren’t so lucky and the therapies currently available are not working for them. It’s kind of like telling someone with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, how someone you knew achieved great things in spite of having a case of nonmelanoma skin cancer resolved with surgery with a local anesthetic.

  4. admin says

    Hello Nancy, please don’t be so angry about this blog. This is a blog to celebrate victory and possibility for people with autism. Indeed it is true that there might not be comparison amongst but attitude does make a difference in life. Take care and may the best be always for you.

  5. Laura says

    It look like you don’t know how is io live with autism. Mom of 5 years boy somewhere in spectrum

  6. chandresh says

    My son is 05 years old and autistic…He cannot point to his mother or father and you speak about attitude….

  7. liz mwathi says

    thank you for the good and encouraging information,my son is 7yrs old and autistic,we live in Kenya and special schools are only 3 and based in the capital city of Kenya but we live far,how can we get help? please help

  8. admin says

    Hi Liz Mwathi, I have heard and received numerous stories like yours from your part of the world. Unfortunately, as you already know that resources for autism are limited. I guess your best bet is to group together a bunch of people who wanted changes about this and then approach a NGO who share similar interest about child or health promotion. You should ask the NGO to sponsor some sort of special rehabilitation school for autism.

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