The GFCF Diet

The GFCF or Gluten Free Casein Free (wheat free, milk free) Diet is just one of the biomedical treatments recommended by the DAN! Protocol. The diet has found to be very effective in helping children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) recover from autism and the diet has had a significant amount of publicity due to Jenny McCarthy’s success story.

Jenny’s Success with the GFCF Diet

Jenny McCarthy is an autism “crusader” who has appeared on many TV shows, including Larry King and Oprah, has spoken at many events and has written various books on the subject of autism, its causes and the biomedical approach to treating it. Jenny believes that it was starting the GFCF Diet with her autistic son, Evan, that started him on the road to recovery. This diet combined with other biomedical treatments, such as chelation, vitamin supplements and anti-fungal treatment, has led to Evan recovering from autism and no longer being on the autism spectrum. Jenny does not use the word “cured” but Evan no longer displays any signs or symptoms of autism.

Many other children have also benefited from the GFCF Diet. Watch the video below to hear about another family’s experience:-

What is the GFCF Diet?

The GFCF Diet is a special dietary intervention that eliminates gluten and casein from a person’s diet. If you choose to follow this diet, you will be removing foods containing wheat, rye and barley (all sources of gluten) from your child’s diet and also dairy products such as milk and cheese (sources of casein).

Following a GFCF diet can be tricky because our diets tend to be high in dairy and wheat products, but there are many cookbooks, websites and special products out there to help people follow this diet.

Why You Should Consider the GFCF Diet

Many people hold the view that our digestive systems were never designed to cope with the modern diet which is high in dairy and wheat products, and that this is why gluten and casein are such common allergens.

Children with ASD tend to have GI (gastrointestinal problems), such as a leaky gut or an inflamed gut, and are unable to digest gluten and casein properly. Incomplete digestion of wheat and casein can lead to peptides being formed which are absorbed into the bloodstream, through a “leaky gut”. These peptides can have an opiate effect on the brain (changing behavior, responses to the environment and changing perceptions), can damage brain tissue and can also trigger an autoimmune reaction. It therefore follows that eliminating casein and gluten from an autistic child’s diet should have a beneficial effect!


Jenny McCarthy’s story is not the only success story out there. There are many parents worldwide who have noticed improvements in their children’s autism symptoms after using the GFCF diet. A survey by the Autism Research Institute noted that 65% of parents following the diet noticed improvements – that’s a great result.


For more information on the GFCF Diet visit or read “The Kid Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to the Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet” – Pamela Compart and Dana Laake.

In my next blog, I will be talking about the SCD which takes the GFCF Diet a bit further.

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  1. Phen Duetsch says

    Dear Doctor,

    My son ‘s urine test came out hight in IAG is this indicate that he has leakgy gut? he has dark circle eyes is this leakgy gut. however test show no peptides from gluten but from casein. Does he need GF DIET too?

    Thanks alot.
    Kind regards
    Phen from germany

  2. admin says

    Hi Phen, IAG is normally a breakdown form indole diet or tryptophan and most time there are breakdown inside the gut due to its production. Like any tests, you need to put your son history and medical into perspective wth this results. Based on your very brief description, it appears he might have liver congestion, parasites, casein hypersensitivity. I would do a liver flush or some sort of herbal support for liver, do a stool analysis, and do CF diet first and check for improvements subjectively after 3 weeks then add-on GF diet to see the difference then. Good luck and call me if you need help.


  1. […] If a child is intolerant to gluten, they are likely to suffer from gastrointestinal problems, such as a leaky gut or an inflamed gut, and will be unable to digest gluten properly. Incomplete digestion of wheat (and casein) can lead to peptides being formed which can travel in the bloodstream to the brain where they can have an opiate effect, causing behavior problems, brain damage and autoimmune responses. Many parents have seen significant improvements in their autistic child’s symptoms, both gastrointestinal and behavioral, through using the GFCF Diet – see […]

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