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Welcome to the New Autism Tests page. This is a listing of the various tests recommended and sold by Dr. Chun Wong for Autism treatment. Please note that the US Price ($) is for US clients only. All other clients must go by the EU price as we absorb all shipping and courier fees in the cost of the test.

All tests include the following:

  • The Test
  • Courier
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Interpretation
  • Analysis
  • Follow-Up Correspondence
  • E-mail Correspondence.

By purchasing a test, you’re not just getting a test: you’re buying a full professional analysis of the results, and where applicable, a recommendation on what to do next. We don’t just want to test your child; we want to get you to become educated on the results and put you on the road to recovery.

Blood Chemistry Analysis

I would analyze over 70 biomarkers that are recommended to be tested for at your local laboratory. These are important markers that would pinpoint your current health status, diseases you may or not have, dietary and lifestyle changes you needed now, and whether your current therapy or supplements are working. This comprehensive panel measures key elements like Vitamin D, thyroid function, pancreas, liver and kidney status, GI health, electrolytes balance, blood sugar handling capability, Lipid panel, homocysteine, anemia, immune dysfunction and infections. You would receive a colorful report with my best recommendations.

Organic Acids Test

A one-step urine collection process that tests for dysbiosis and malabsorption for upper GI that can complement a Stool Analysis test, mitochondrial syndrome, neuroendocrine activity, detoxification issue, metabolic pathways dysfunction and vitamins deficiencies.

Hair Minerals Analysis

This is the most precise and ‘non-wash’ hair analysis test that provides a lot of biochemical information even before you detected in blood testing. It gives you a snapshot of the minerals and toxic heavy metal contents in your body. We can use this information to monitor the effectiveness of your nutritional therapies and health’s progress using a series of mathematical calculation.

Advanced Stool Analysis

This methodology uses the Gold standard testing (MALDI-TOF with culture) that can evaluate gut health and overall function. This test quantified digestion and absorption capabilities to determine enzymatic functions, detects immunological reaction and health status of lower GI system, and profile and quantify species population (bacteria, fungi and parasites including Clostridium difficile and species, H. Pylori, Shiga) available in the gut. If tested positive for microbial agents we would do a sensitivity test for curative agents.

Basic Stool Analysis (CSAP3)

This is an inexpensive alternative to Stool Analysis test that uses conventional stool culturing technique. You would collect three separate days of stool sample to increase the accuracy of the testing. It includes sensitivity test for curative agents as well.

Allergy Full Spectrum Test (ELISA/ACT 383)

There are four types of allergy responses and this test would measure Type II, III and IV. This is a comprehensive and functional lymphocytes ‘real-time’ test that covers 234 foods, 60 environmental chemicals, 28 different molds, 27 additives and preservatives, 20 food coloring additives, and 14 toxic minerals and metals.

Food Allergy Test (ELISA IgG 96 + IgA 96)

This food allergy test covers 96 commonly eaten food by testing for chronic and systemic reaction called an IgG Type II and for primary and localized response called IgA Type II. Both provides for a complete picture of immunological reactions that does not necessary happened together. IgA is found mostly in the gut linings and IgG is found in the blood.

Complete Hormones Panel (adrenal, male and female sex hormones)

Serum or plasma hormones exist in either a protein-bound state and/or “free” form. Therefore, the question arises as to what you really are testing for from a serum sample. Most serum test is routinely done to assess the therapeutic effect of hormonal therapy from an instantaneous point of view. That is, to assess the level within 24-48 hours period. This saliva test is more accurate and can assess the actual plasma concentration of “free” and weakly bounded forms of hormones. How? As blood passes through salivary glands, those “free” forms diffuse into the gland epithelium into the saliva. We tested for ‘stress’ or adrenal hormones, and the different types of male and female sex hormones.


A urine test to help identify the level of heavy metal toxicity or toxic organophosphates exposure. This test is complementary to detect for mitochondrial or cellular dysfunction.

‘Leaky Gut’ Test (Cyrex Array 2)

A blood test that determines the severity or occurrence of ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’.

Wheat/Gluten Reactivity and Autoimmunity (Cyrex Array 3)

A blood test that detects the immune responses due to the presence of different types of gluten and wheat constituents in the body. This is an autoimmune test.

Gluten and Gene Panel Stool Test

This is a stool test for gluten sensitivity and detects also the genetic predisposition to gluten or celiac disease. You do not need to consume a gluten diet to be tested unlike the Celiac Panel.

Environmental Toxicity Test (BPA, phthalates, parabens, organophosphates)

This urine test covers all the most commonly exposed environmental toxins that can have a harmful effect on nervous, endocrine and immune systems most commonly found in chronic disease conditions.

Oxidative ‘Stress’ Test

This is a good quantitative test to determine damages to DNA structure and the level of oxidative ‘stress’.