Studies Show The Benefits of Kangen Water In Alleviating Autism Symptoms

A few posts back, we took a look at the studies that were showing the benefits of using Ionized Water Filtration systems as a treatment for Autism.  In addition to this method, there are also studies being done surrounding Kangen Water and it’s ability to treat Autism. The majority of these studies are being conducted in Japan, and some are still in experimental stages, however, just looking at some general connections between symptoms of Autism, and the proven benefits of Kangen water show that it seems to only make sense that the use of Kangen water would be a beneficial treatment option.

Kangen Water itself is an alkaline water that has many anti-oxidant properties. In order to produce Kangen Water, regular water ( H20) goes through the electrolysis process and separates into two different substances. One part is an acidic HO molecule, and the other as an alkaline OH- molecule. The Kangen Water creators bottle the OH molecule of the alkaline base for drinking purposes, and the acidic HO molecule is often used for sterilization, skin and plants. The word Kangen is Japanese for “return to the source” or “return to the origin” which explains the creation, philosophy and marketing of the product.

Kangen Water has a very small molecular structure. What does this mean? Traditional tap and bottled water have larger molecules, so they pass through the body quickly without reaching their destination cells. When water doesn’t reach cells, they suffer from cellular dehydration and either die, or do not function to their full efficiency. It is believed that Kangen Water has the ability to rehydrate these cells before they dry out and die.

What Does This Mean For Autism?

The benefits of Kangen Water are proving to be significant and have lead the Japanese researchers to take a closer look at the ways that it may be able to treat Autism symptoms.  A few of the symptoms and conditions of Autism that are being studied are the acidic body, dehydration and inflammation. These three symptoms alone have been found to be decreased in those who consume Kangen Water over traditional non-electrolyzed water.

Our bodies are supposed to have a balance of acidity and alkaline. The balance of these ensure proper metabolism, immune system, and even brain function.  Specifically, a body that is too acidic (a common symptom of Autism ) is a breeding place for diseases. When too acidic, our bodies try to buffer or balance this out by taking calcium from our bones and magnesium needed for heart health. It then turns extra acid into solids and stores them in fatty tissues, which can clog arteries. Because Kangen Water is alkaline, it works to dissolve excess acid and restore balance.

Additionally, mal-digestion is a common occurrence in Autism Disorder. Along with hyperactive intestines and abnormal bowel function, Autism often spells discomfort and abdominal unhealthiness. Drinking Kangen Water with its proven benefits, can help with restoration of both hydration and a healthy digestive tract.

Autism has dozens and dozens of symptoms. It’s important that we take a look at each symptom individually, and then think about what types of treatments are available for each one. For example, it might never be proven that Kangen Water can change say, the sometimes Obsessive Compulsive type behavior that comes with Autism. However, it might be able to treat other physical symptoms. Of course, we hope that one day, there will be a universal  treatment for all symptoms and to hopefully be able to successfully treat the disorder.

An Autism Treatment as Easy as H2O?

waterionizer imageAs humans, we are always putting things into our bodies to get some kind of reaction. Whether its caffeine for stimulation, liquids for hydration, or fiber for regularity, we’re constantly aiming to have our bodies in the best, most healthy state. Even when we’re not at our best, we put medications inside of us to alleviate symptoms and kill viruses. In order to heal, the body needs to return to a balanced state, replenishing things its missing, and taking away the overkill of some other things.

Could treatment for Autism come from something as simple as good old H2O?

The Ionization of Water

It’s no big secret that water in its tap form isn’t the most healthy. Everyday, many of us put our water through a filtration process. It’s become much easier these days with the easily available and affordable water filtration systems.We take out the things that we don’t need. Who wants damaging parasites in their water?

Additionally, we can go a step further and concentrate the benefits of water, while also targeting consistent problem areas with Autism is by putting water through an ionizing process. The Ionization Process concentrates minerals that are already existent in water such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. The produced product is water that can be more easily absorbed by the body and improves the function of antioxidants in the body. Consuming ionized water enables the body’s own antioxidants to neutralize other free radicals than would normally be possible by consuming traditional filtered water.

The Ideal Treatment

In Autism cases, brain inflammation is a prominent feature as certain immune components that promote inflammation are often triggered in autism cases. Also, the autistic person often has oxidation stress. Typically, antioxidant supplements are used to treat this symptom. In order to neutralize the neuro-inflammation, an ideal treatment, no matter if it’s an antioxidant or other form, should have a slight alkaline pH level, an increased anti-oxidation capability, and a very small molecular structure to make for an easier passage through cells.

Where’s the connection?

Well, as we said, the ideal antioxidant would target the problem areas that are often found in Autism. The ideal treatment carries all of the features of ionized water. It concentrates the minerals, carries a slight alkaline pH to balance neuro-inflammation, anti-oxidation capability, and a miniscule molecular structure for cell passage.


Healthy Smile Worth the Risk?

Tuesday mornings were always “Fluoride Day” when I was in elementary school. We’d all pile into the cafeteria and wait anxiously to see which flavor of the often used teeth treatment would be distributed. Some days, parents would be invited to come in and take part in the fluoride festivities.  Why shouldn’t they have? Clean teeth are important in both children and adults.

Could it be that this weekly ritual does more harm than good? Could too much of a good thing actually be detrimental and cause neurological disorders in children?

It’s possible – according to researchers  investigating fluoride and its effects.  Too much fluoride consumed by women who are pregnant lowers their thyroid levels and this may affect the brain and neurological development of the unborn child.  Such disturbance in development can cause ADD, Autism and decreased IQ levels.

This raises the question: “How much is too much?” and “If I stop doing fluoride treatments will this put me in the clear?” Not so fast. Fluoride is found not only in toothpaste and other dental products but in drinking water and some foods as well. Exposure to fluoride from these multiple sources could be enough to cause the lower Thyroid levels that can lead to neurological deficiencies.

As much as 2/3 of the nation’s water sources contain fluoride. There are organizations  such as the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation whose goal is to omit fluoride from public water sources.