New Research Links Vitamin D Deficiencies to Autism

Back in 2009,  Dr. John J. Cannell’s research on Vitamin D Deficiency being related to Autism and other brain dysfunctions was greatly discussed and even challenged.

Nearly 3 years later, there have been many advancements in the Autism field, especially in the area of researching the potential causes. Vitamin D Deficiency isn’t just expected in Autism, but in conditions such as cardiovascular disease and even cancer!

The number of children and adults being diagnosed with Autism is no doubt on the rise. Some like to argue that it is due to physicians being more aggressive in their diagnosis, but most agree that the increase in cases is very real, meaning the issues that are causing this disorder are very real and are still needing to be addressed.

Not long ago, a paper was written that called for an immediate and urgent request for research into Vitamin D Deficiencies role in the Autism epidemic.

So, if one of the many answers to why Autism symptoms are so severe at times could be because of Vitamin D deficiencies, why aren’t parents just administering Vitamin D Supplements or utilizing nature’s natural Vitamin D source; the sun?

The problem arises when pediatricians are consulted regarding the increase of Vitamin D to a child’s system. Many of them argue that the recommended dosage by specialists is too high, and then parents of the child decline to take part in the program. Dr. Cannell says himself that they do not go against Doctor’s orders and want to “work along with pediatricians whenever possible. ”

There have been wonderful results reported from adjusting the vitamin D levels in Autistic children. Parents have reported that it has helped in behavioral issues such as tantrums, and even for sleeping. Shyness, eye contact, and speech have also been reported to have improved utilizing the Vitamin D treatment method.

Parents, have you been recommended to use Vitamin D Therapy? Did you take part in it? What were the results?