Body Detox Part I: Sources Of Environmental Toxicity

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ToxinsWe’ve said it before, and we’re going to say it again, the Autistic body is filled with toxicities. Whether its heavy metals, acidic overload, or other toxic waste-like matter, there is often an unhealthy level of these things in the body reaking havok. The first step to all of this is detecting and diagnosing what toxic substances are in the body. We’ve discussed Hair Analysis before (and we also have this special offer for you right now), and the benefits of utilizing this test to detect metals and other materials that may be harming the body.

Once you find out what it is that’s ailing the body, the next step even before repairing the body is to detoxify the body of whatever is causing harm. It’s often heard that the Autistic body has an abundance of metal, or a lack of minerals. But where do these things come from? How does the body get toxic material in it?

The easy answer: The environment. You can keep your child safe from toxic chemicals or vaccines,  but you can’t keep them away from oxygen, and this is where a lot of toxins originate.

Unfortunately, to live in this day in age means that you live in a toxic world. Not only do toxic substances and pollutants find their way into the air we breathe, but they are also in the soil that is used to grow the food that we eat. From cigarette smoke and car fumes, to chemically treated water and soil pumped with hormones and other preservatives, our bodies can ingest hundreds of pollutants and toxicities each day. Can you imagine the damage that this can do over time without treatment or avoidance of these substances?

Because we cannot keep ourselves or our children in a permanent bubble, some toxicities are unavoidable. There are even certain conditions such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) that exist. On a basic level, MCS is an extreme and severe sensitivity to multiple environmental toxins and chemicals. Some symptoms of this are allergy like symptoms on a constant and consistent basis, and reactions from several different triggers.

The below list was published by, and is a great source of information regarding where environmental toxins and pollutants are found:

Sources of Environmental Toxins

●     A sample of average city tap water contains more than 500 chemicals.

●     Today’s fertilizers often contain excessive amounts of toxic heavy metals,

which are then absorbed into what ever grows in that fertilized soil.

●     Preservatives and hormones added to our food

● Packaging and plastic wrapping of food for storage

● Household cleaning products, such as some dish washing liquids, and

surface cleaners

●     Personal care products such as antiperspirants, hair sprays, lotions and

nail polish removers (which can be absorbed through the nails)

●     Some household products release unhealthy chemicals into the

air, such as styrene from plastics, benzene from solvents, and formaldehyde

from manufactured wood products such as kitchen cabinets and pressed


●     Permanent-press clothes, dry-cleaned clothes, carpeting, and synthetic

materials emit traces of toxic vapors.

●     Smoke from cigarettes, cigars, or pipes affect the toxic levels of both the

smoker as well as those exposed to the secondhand smoke.

●     Pesticides and insect sprays

How many of the above sources is your child subjected to each day? Which are avoidable?

If the body is ingesting unavoidable toxins, what can we do? It’s these toxins that are affecting the function of the Autistic body and preventing the already sensitive immune system to not work correctly. How can we remove these toxins?


But how?

We’ll take a look at detox methods next week.

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