How To: Detox Environmental Toxicities

Body detoxification is the new big thing in healthy living. It’s very common in weight loss and healthy living scenarios to detoxify the body of harmful toxins that affect the immune and other important systems from functioning properly.

In order to keep the body free and clear from toxins, there are some dietary things that we can do, as well as avoiding smog, nicotine and other harmful substances. However, the environment itself carries it’s own amount of toxins and these are hard to avoid unless you live in a bubble. Yet, these toxins are bad for the body and the longer they are allowed to exist, they are given the chance to do damage.

Before we can correct the damage that may have already been done, we have to rid the body of the current toxins as not to produce more issues.

So, how do you detoxify the body from environmentally originated toxins?

1) Avoidance of Exposure

It’s important that you be sure that your child (and yourself!) are consistently exposed to clean air, food and water. Avoid smoking areas and being in a city with a lot of vehicle smog for long periods of time. Be sure you’re allowing your child to consume clean food that isn’t at risk for toxins or pesticides. Additionally, a diet free of gluten and casein has become popular and effective in avoiding allergic reactions. Avoid tap water when possible – or have a water filter in place. You’ll taste the difference most immediately when switching from tap to filtered water.

2) Supplementation

It is common in Autistic Children to find that their body is lacking the adequate vitamins and minerals to have an effective immune system. When the immune system isn’t working, it can’t fight off infection (which explains why you may notice your child might be very sick very often).

Once you find out what your child’s body is lacking, you can supplement it by modifying his/her diet and administering supplements in the form of multivitamins.

Dr. Walter Crinnion, a Naturopathic Doctor, has done increased studies on vitamins and minerals and wrote an article in response to a claim that vitamins were more dangerous than drugs. As Dr. Crinnion explains, it’s true that too much of some minerals is bad, as copper in excess can cause toxic damage, there is no backup that says multi-vitamins are useless.

3) Cleansing

Dr. Crinnion has also done a great deal of work in detoxification by ridding the body of toxic load. He studies the foods that could be making you sick. He interestingly points out that the foods that your child craves the most could be the ones that are causing the most damage. We’ve talked here before about the body being “addicted” to gluten as it attaches to the brain similar to morphine.

Cleansing the body of these things is essential to get on the right path to wellness.

There are a few methods that can be utilized to cleanse the body of toxins: Of the most popular and effective are:

Chelation –  Chelation is the process utilized to remove damaging heavy metals from the body. Mercury, iron, and other metals are often found in the Autistic body and can have negative effects on the brain making Autism symptoms even worse. Another source of damaging metals is Thiomersal, which is found in many childhood vaccines. Chelation Therapy includes the administering of chelating agents to remove heavy metals.

Juicing – By utilizing fruits and vegetables that are highly concentrated, the body flushes out unnecessary toxins. The body digests juices very quickly (in about 25 minutes), so it’s nutrients get in and get to work very quickly. Organic fruits and vegetables are best for juice detoxification and can easily be done at home. Enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be given to your body while toxins will be evicted!

The first step is realizing what is affecting the body negatively. The 2nd, avoiding the things that are making the body sick. And the 3rd, ridding the body of existing toxins. Getting the body in good working order is the key to treating Autism instead of fueling it.

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Detoxification and Detox Methods


As you may recall, last week we took a look at some tests that can be utilized to detect the level of toxicity of the body. You can catch up by reading last week’s post here.

This week, now that we know how to detect if the body has toxic levels of metals or other materials, we’re going to take a look at detoxification options. Once we know the body is toxic, our first inclination is to repair it. Before we do this, however, we have to rid the body of all of its toxins so that they can stop causing damage.

Where Toxicity Originates

The commonality of toxic bodies in Autistic children, and really the universal population is no real big surprise considering the world we live in. Each day we are breathing in everything from pollen, to car fumes, to toxic waste. The foods that we eat are treated with pesticides. The milk that we drink is from animals that are given different medications, antibiotics, and even steroids. When we walk outside, we ingest cigarette fumes from other smokers.

Luckily we do have a detoxification system in our bodies that’s sole purpose is to filter out these toxins and release them from the body. If the detoxification and immune systems are not functioning properly however, then our bodies absorb the toxins instead of releasing them.

Parents have always known that there is a connection between Autism and the digestive system. Doctors haven’t always been on board, but thanks to intensive studies by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, we are now able to put a name to the digestive issues that plague a great number of Autistic Children. Autistic Enterocolitis, describes the inflammation in the gut that also often contains blisters and abscesses filled with pus and infection. In the gut, undigested foods are stuck to the walls, left to decompose and literally “go bad” inside of the body. These conditions promote a breeding ground for parasites, worms, fungus, and other infections inside of the body.


As we said, the first and very most important thing that must be done in order to repair the body is to remove the toxic materials from the body. Before the actual repair can take place, the body must start off as a clean slate.


One of the most commonly heard of detoxification methods is Chelation. Chelation is the administering of a series of drugs that break down the toxins and aid the body in releasing them. Some of the most common toxins that are targeted by Chelation are lead, mercury and arsenic. The chelation was first introduced after World War I when many people were exposed to toxic substances.

Though many people have had wonderful results from using chelation, one concern is that the chelation drugs also attack and destroy necessary nutrients, like zinc. Doctor’s who administer chelating agents will adjust the diet of your child to ensure that the proper nutrients are being absorbed.


Another method of detoxification is ingesting highly concentrated amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. Because juices are digested in about 20-25 minutes, the digestive system has very little to do with processing the juice. It’s important to note that we’re not talking about the juices found in stores. Even the most seemingly healthy juices are treated with sugars or other nonproductive ingredients that negate the detoxification processes. Juices are most beneficial when made from the right fruits and vegetables at home.

The most important thing to remember here is the order in which detoxification should be done. First, determine that the body really is toxic. Then, detoxify the body. Repair the body. Replace nutrients. It’s important that this order be taken as any other way would not be as effective. You must rid the body of toxins, start with a clean slate, and then proceed with repairing procedures or practices.

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