Foods to Eat that Support Detoxification

Foods rich in factors that help improve the liver’s detoxification ability include:

  • high-sulfur-content foods such as garlic, legumes, onions, and eggs.
  • good sources of soluble fibers such as pears, oat bran, apples, and legumes.
  • cabbage-family vegetables, especially broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.
  • artichokes, beets, lemons, carrots, dandelion, and herbs and spices including turmeric, cinnamon, and licorice.

What is Defeat Autism Now (DAN!)?

Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) is a project that was founded in the 1960s by Dr. Bernard Rimland. Doctors trained in the “DAN! Protocol,” are taught an approach to autism which begins with the idea that autism is a biomedical disorder. This approach was developed by the Autism Research Institute (ARI) which has more than 1,000 documented cases of autistic children who have recovered.

The belief among DAN! doctors is that autism is a disorder caused by a lowered immune response, issues caused by some foods, and external toxins from vaccines and other sources.

What Type of Treatments do DAN! Doctors Prescribe?

  • Supplements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and essential fatty acids.
  • Gluten- and dairy-free diets.
  • Food allergy testing.
  • Treating dysbiosis in the gut using non-pharmacological medications (i.e. intestinal bacterial/yeast overgrowth).
  • Heavy metal detoxification.

What can I expect at my DAN! Doctor Appointment?

You can expect that your child will go through some testing mostly revolving around the state of their internal body. A test for hidden food allergies will be conducted to be sure that any dietary changes that are made as part of your child’s treatment plan are beneficial and not more damaging to them.

You should leave with your questions answered and a customized treatment plan for your child’s needs. If you have questions, ask, ask, ask. Remember, these doctors chose to be DAN! doctors. They believe in this treatment method, and want to see your child healthy!

Body Detox Part III: Body Repair Methods


Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed the toxic body of Autistic children. We’ve talked about the sources of these toxins, as well as ways to detoxify or rid the body of these toxins. Once it is found that the body is indeed toxin infected, and the body is cleaned of these toxins, the next step is to “rebuild” or “repair” the body from the damage that was done to it.

This is something that is particularly studied in Biomedical treatments.

Biomedical Treatments is based upon the belief that the neurological symptoms experienced are the direct result of the physical ailments that children are having, and if the physical is treated, a great deal of symptoms can be alleviated. The main steps in a Biomedical Treatment are:

1. Decrease the level of toxins

2.Help the stomach to heal

3. Increase nutrients

4. Get rid of metals and other toxins.

It is believed that once these things are achieved, the neurological impairments will greatly improve. The most important and in depth step is the first step — Decrease the level of toxins.There are numerous things that are toxic to the body, and as many, if not all must be removed in order to achieve the greatest results. The things that can and should be removed are both dietary and environmental.

  • From a diet aspect:  gluten, dairy, allergens, and bad sugars should all be removed from the diet.
  • Household cleaners should be removed and replaced with natural forms.
  • If your child needs dental work, be sure not to have silver fillings put in their mouths, as they contain mercury.
  • Add a Hepa Air Filter to your child’s room.
  • Ensure that any vaccinations that need to be given are Thimerosal free.
  • Use a fluoride-free toothpaste

From here, it’s necessary to allow and assist the damages already infringed on the body to heal. This is often helpful if a combination of  vitamins are used. Cod Liver Oil, for example has a necessary level of Vitamin A and also aids in the repairing of intestinal walls. It’s also essential to use digestive enzymes and Colostrum (a stomach healing natural supplement) to better help in the body’s repair.

Also important is to keep the level of nutrients up by giving a sufficient level of Vitamins (A, D, B, Zinc, etc.) in order for the body to not only heal, but become stronger. To restore your child to good health, getting the toxins out via detoxification is helpful. There are natural detoxifiers as well as medicinal technique (Chelation therapy).

Bottom line, Biomedical Treatment is still being tested among Autism and Neurological Disorder patients. There  are many success stories. There are also doctors who believe that this method does not work, as they had no success with it. It’s important to keep in mind that the diets of children are traditionally very poor due to the Americanized diet. With that in mind, the removal of the poor diet and repairing of the body may take a little longer than expected due to the damages in the body.

Preventing Autism: What to do before conceiving


A great number of children with Autism have gastrointestinal issues like leaky gut syndrome, indigestion, and recurring diarrheal conditions. Studies and research have been conducted on effective ways to treat these symptoms, most of which involve detoxifying the body. It has also been noted that many children may possibly been born with these toxins in their body and through the years, they’re enabled to grow in number and severity based on a number of factors including diet, environmental changes, and life choices made by parents. That being said, what would happen, if say we tried to prevent the child being born with these toxins? Is there a way to drastically decrease or eliminate the amount of toxic chemicals in the child’s body at birth? What can we, as parents do before, during, and in the early months following birth that can possibly prevent Autism from developing?

Over the next 3 weeks, we’re going to take a look at the ways in which Autism may be able to be prevented before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy. With the rising number of Autism cases throughout the world, it makes one wonder where we can start the process of not only healing those who are afflicted with Autism, but possibly prevent it from occurring in the first place.

One of the major causes of Autism may be high levels of toxic materials in the body. There are generally two ways in which chemicals can be absorbed into the body; environmentally and directly (by consuming foods or using products containing such chemicals). Autism isn’t completely preventable, clearly because some environmental factors are not able to be controlled. However, you have sole control over how and what goes into your body, which will feed and help your baby to survive in the womb.


  • It’s important that you take a good 6 months to detoxify your own body. Many mothers are choosing to address thier own gastrointestinal problems prior to conceiving. Women who have an excess of yeast, indigestion, etc. are choosing to get treatment for these issues prior to conceiving.
  • Women are also switching to “Green” personal care products; shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. In 2006, a report conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), found that on average, Americans tested positive  for 116 out of 148 synthetic compounds and pesticides. These substances were found in mother’s milk, tissues of the placenta, and umbilical cord blood. The average American home contains 3 to 10 gallons of hazardous materials.
  • A sign of having a toxic body doesn’t simply lie with gastrointestinal issues. Migraines, fatigue, and depression are also signs of having a toxic body. It may be worth looking into a detoxification program that can adequately remove the problem causing toxins from the body. Chelation is one method of detoxification.
  • Taking a multivitamin can ensure that the body is functioning at a top-level. Pre-natal vitamins are a very good supplement.
  • Add Omega-3 to your diet. This is essential for optimal health. Be careful not to consume too much large fish, as it contains mercury. You can find out the mercury contents of fish at this website.
  • Perchlotethylene, a known carcinogen is used at a number of dry-cleaners. Be sure to find a “green” dry-cleaner as to not ingest the toxic chemical.
  • Drink filtered water. The more toxins that are eliminated from the diet, the better. The ultimate goal is to have a top-notch, completely clean body, free of any and all potentially damaging chemicals.
  • Reduce your alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine intake.
  • Continue/Begin an exercise routine. Remember, a large amount of toxins exit the body via the sweat glands.
  • Have your vitamin D levels tested and add more Vitamin D3 (responsible for immune system wellness and metabolism) if necessary.
  • Avoid the flu shot and other immunizations for a year prior to conceiving.
  • More and more studies are showing that electromagnetic fields created by computers, cell phones, and televisions are damaging to the body. Try to cut back on your exposure to these things.
  • Go to a chiropractor. The adjustments will ready your nerves and optimize your immune system. Not to mention, it balances your muscles and ligaments.
  • We’ve dicussed Free Radicals here on before. To cut down on the effects and promote the body’s ability to fight them, be sure to eat a diet rich in vegetables. The daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables is 4 1/2 cups.

There’s a lot more to conceiving then just planning ovulation, and decorating a nursery. To ensure that your body is ready to carry a baby for 9 months, and that your body contains healthy fluids to pass onto the baby, is essential, especially with the growing rate of Autism.

Next week, we’ll take a look at what you can do during pregnancy to lower the risk of Autism in your child.

The Homotoxicology Process


Last week, we explored the basics of Homotoxicology. (You can catch up by reading last week’s post).

The focus of homotoxicology is to rid the body of harmful toxins in order to promote self healing. The Homotoxicology method of treatment believes that the body possesses the innate self-healing mechanism and can treat and prevent illness, and that disease is the culmination of toxins in the body.

The philosophy of homotoxicology is that disease develops over six steps or phases. These phases are listed below with their related symptoms and reactions:

1) Excretion Phase

The excretion phase is the expulsion of toxic products. It is characterized by intense sweating, difficulty concentrating, coughing, sneezing, tears, joint and body aches, electrolyte shift, and increased susceptibility to disease and infection.

2) Inflammation Phase:

Acne, meningitis, conjunctivitis, acute sprain,  acute bronchitis, urinary tract infection, weak immune system.

3) Deposition Phase:

Obesity, gout, gallbladder or kidney stones, intestinal polyps, and nasal polyps.

4) Impregnation Phase: (invasion of toxins into the cell):

Allergies, Asthma, migraines, chronic gastritis, glucose intolerance, chronic infections, autoimmune disease, chronic urinary tract infections, hypertension, and insufficiency of the lymph system.

5) Degeneration Phase:

Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, congestive heart failure. renal atrophy, anemia, fibrosis, diabetes.

6) Dedifferentiation Phase:

Tumors, Cancer.

The first two phases are part of the Humoral Phase. The defense system is intact and the body can excrete toxins via numerous pathways.

Phases three and four are part of the Matrix Phase. During this phase, the biology of the cells in the body begin to change.

The final two phases occur in the Cellular Phase. At this point. the body cannot excrete toxins.

Homotoxicology is not a substitute for medical treatment, so much as a supplement to it. It can treat any of the conditions and diseases listed in the phases of disease development. Practitioners who study homotoxicology assess which stage the disease is at, and which phase it falls into.  The treatment plan will depend solely on the stage of the disease and the condition of the patient.  The smaller scale and acute symptoms are often treated first, and then the chronic condition.

As the body is detoxified, the idea is that the disease or condition will become a “lower” phased condition, and enable the body to heal itself. The typical treatment plan will require 12-18 weeks of consistent treatment. The more severe the condition, the longer it may take.

In a case like Autism, we have spoken about the need to detoxify the body of toxic metals. This detoxification, in homotoxification theory, would enable the body to begin to heal itself. Without being completely free of toxins, the body has the inability to promote it’s natural ability to heal itself.

Homotoxicology 101: What is it? And How Can It Treat Autism?

The basBrain Wavesic idea of homotoxicology is to restore the body’s chemical balance by detoxifying. It shares the same idea as Chelation, which is the process of removing heavy metals from the Autistic body. With homotoxicology, homeopathic remedies are given to help the body learn to heal itself. A belief of homotoxicology is that every human being regardless of age, race, gender, or nationality has the ability to instill healing mechanisms  and processes within themselves that can prevent and treat illness.

Homotoxicology was developed in Germany over 50+ years ago and is becoming more and more studied and used at this point in the Uniter States.

Practicing homotoxicology promotes the idea that it is believed that almost every disease is the result of an overabundance of toxins within the body.

In order to start the process, homotoxicology calls for homeopathic remedies to be administered to the body. Homeopathic remedies are FDA approved and are given orally, topically, via inhalation, or by IV injection. A great deal of homeopathic remedies are all natural and have been developed organically from animals, minerals, or plants. Once the remedy is in the body, it goes to work aggressively to stimulate the part of the body that is believed to be able to heal itself. Small amounts of remedies yield to the body practicing its ability to restore its health.

Another view of homotoxicology is that “Like yields like”. In short, this means that the side effects of a remedy may cause a similar reaction to that which is being treated. In essence the body is being given a substance that will trigger these symptoms to train the body to fight them. You can compare this to a chicken pox or flu shot that injects the body with the condition to get the body educated on how to fight.

Because of the dangerously high amounts of chemicals just in our oxygen, let alone through our homes, or supermarkets, or any public place, the body can pick up disease, sickness, and chemical traces rather easily. Toxins that are picked up from an external source are called Exogenous. The liver, kidneys and skin membranes do their best to take these chemicals and rid the body of them.

Endogenous toxins are created inside the body and reak havoc on the body just as the exogenous can. These toxins are often the result of nutrient deficiencies, emotional traumas, psychological stress, and histamine. These conditions constantly generate toxins that can adversely affect cells, tissues, organs, etc.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the homotoxicology process and dig a bit deeper into this holistic type approach to Autism, Diabetes, and other diseases in which poor chemical balance could exist.  You won’t want to miss next week’s post.

Meanwhile, please as any questions you might have regarding this process, and we’ll address them accordingly!

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Many studies suggest that the epidemic rise of autism spectrum disorders is due to the fact that we are living in an evermore hostile environment, a world filled with pollution and toxins. We know that our toxic environment is to blame for many diseases and conditions, and now it seems that we can add autism to this list.


Environmental toxins include pesticides, emissions, dioxins and PCBs, Nicotine, Solvents and heavy metals. In this blog post, we will examine the link between heavy metal exposure and autism, and how this can be combated.

Heavy Metals

Some research has linked autism with heavy metal exposure, but what are heavy metals and how are our children exposed to them?

  • Mercury – Mercury is used as a preservative (thimerosal) in certain medicines and some vaccines, and is also a by-product emitted by various industrial processes. Mercury is poisonous in high doses and the symptoms of mercury poisoning are incredibly similar to autism symptoms.

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