A Closer Look at the DAN! Protocol

Standard autism treatments focus on behavior modification techniques, improving developmental delays, speech-language therapy and learning to cope with sensory issues. While these therapies can improve the quality of life for a child with autism, they do nothing about the underlying medical conditions and imbalances that challenge an autistic child’s daily life. The Dan! Protocol is a medical intervention that seeks to correct the physical issues not addressed by traditional autism therapies.

The Dan! Protocol’s overwhelming success comes from its unique, individualized approach as well as its biomedical focus. Since treatment is always preceded by extensive lab work, a Dan! doctor knows the biological deficiencies, imbalances and maladaptive responses for each child before an individualized treatment plan is designed and implemented.

There is not a standard protocol for every child. While many autistic children have similar medical issues such as food intolerances, digestive problems, yeast overgrowth and vitamin or mineral deficiencies, children are always treated according to their individual lab tests. For one child that might mean a gluten-free casein-free diet, digestive enzymes and probiotics to help restore intestinal bacteria balance. Another child might need a strong vitamin and mineral supplement, mb-12 injections, IV glutathione and other chelation methods to address a high level of heavy metals in the body.

Each treatment method has a specific medical reason for being used. Yeast overgrowth impairs digestion and creates malnutrition. Food intolerances cause inflammation, absorption issues and pain. When you correct an autistic child’s medical problems, many undesirable behaviors automatically improve.

What is Chelation and How Can it Help My Child with Autism? Part 2

Chelating agents can be given through an IV, or by mouth. The most common chelating agents for removing heavy metals (lead, arsenic or mercury) include dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA), 2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid (DMPS), alpha lipoic acid (ALA), and Calcium disodium EDTA.

Agents and what they typically chelate:

  • DMSA: lead, mercury, arsenic. DMSA also normalizes glutathione levels.
  • DMPS: mercury.
  • Calcium disodium EDTA: lead, other heavy metals, and some minerals.

Although conventional scientific institutes don’t recognize the link between chelation and improvement in an autistic child’s behavior, many parents opt for chelation therapy as a means of aiding their autistic children.

Since 1967 The Autism Research Institute has collected “Parent Ratings of behavioral Effects of Biomedical Interventions.” Tens of thousands of responses have been logged so far. Chelation therapy was recently added to the list of biomedical interventions, and of the 470 parents who reported their children using chelation, 75% reported “good” results. That’s fairly strong evidence!

What is Chelation and How Can it Help My Child with Autism? Part 1

Chelation is the process utilized to remove damaging heavy metals from the body. Mercury, iron, and other metals are often found in the Autistic body and can have negative effects on the brain making Autism symptoms even worse. Another source of damaging metals is Thimerosal, which is found in many childhood vaccines. Chelation Therapy includes the administering of chelating agents to remove heavy metals. Chelation has been proven to remove excess or toxic metals before they can damage the body and was first used in the 1940s by the Navy to treat lead poisoning.

Our bodies have natural methods of eliminating these toxins from our bodies. In the very young and the very old, it can be more difficult to rid the body of heavy metals, which can therefore accumulate faster than they can be removed.

Heavy metals are tested in various regions of the body depending on which heavy metal it is. One of the most sensitive tests available at most labs is called a Porphyrin Profile.

How To: Detox Environmental Toxicities

Body detoxification is the new big thing in healthy living. It’s very common in weight loss and healthy living scenarios to detoxify the body of harmful toxins that affect the immune and other important systems from functioning properly.

In order to keep the body free and clear from toxins, there are some dietary things that we can do, as well as avoiding smog, nicotine and other harmful substances. However, the environment itself carries it’s own amount of toxins and these are hard to avoid unless you live in a bubble. Yet, these toxins are bad for the body and the longer they are allowed to exist, they are given the chance to do damage.

Before we can correct the damage that may have already been done, we have to rid the body of the current toxins as not to produce more issues.

So, how do you detoxify the body from environmentally originated toxins?

1) Avoidance of Exposure

It’s important that you be sure that your child (and yourself!) are consistently exposed to clean air, food and water. Avoid smoking areas and being in a city with a lot of vehicle smog for long periods of time. Be sure you’re allowing your child to consume clean food that isn’t at risk for toxins or pesticides. Additionally, a diet free of gluten and casein has become popular and effective in avoiding allergic reactions. Avoid tap water when possible – or have a water filter in place. You’ll taste the difference most immediately when switching from tap to filtered water.

2) Supplementation

It is common in Autistic Children to find that their body is lacking the adequate vitamins and minerals to have an effective immune system. When the immune system isn’t working, it can’t fight off infection (which explains why you may notice your child might be very sick very often).

Once you find out what your child’s body is lacking, you can supplement it by modifying his/her diet and administering supplements in the form of multivitamins.

Dr. Walter Crinnion, a Naturopathic Doctor, has done increased studies on vitamins and minerals and wrote an article in response to a claim that vitamins were more dangerous than drugs. As Dr. Crinnion explains, it’s true that too much of some minerals is bad, as copper in excess can cause toxic damage, there is no backup that says multi-vitamins are useless.

3) Cleansing

Dr. Crinnion has also done a great deal of work in detoxification by ridding the body of toxic load. He studies the foods that could be making you sick. He interestingly points out that the foods that your child craves the most could be the ones that are causing the most damage. We’ve talked here before about the body being “addicted” to gluten as it attaches to the brain similar to morphine.

Cleansing the body of these things is essential to get on the right path to wellness.

There are a few methods that can be utilized to cleanse the body of toxins: Of the most popular and effective are:

Chelation –  Chelation is the process utilized to remove damaging heavy metals from the body. Mercury, iron, and other metals are often found in the Autistic body and can have negative effects on the brain making Autism symptoms even worse. Another source of damaging metals is Thiomersal, which is found in many childhood vaccines. Chelation Therapy includes the administering of chelating agents to remove heavy metals.

Juicing – By utilizing fruits and vegetables that are highly concentrated, the body flushes out unnecessary toxins. The body digests juices very quickly (in about 25 minutes), so it’s nutrients get in and get to work very quickly. Organic fruits and vegetables are best for juice detoxification and can easily be done at home. Enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be given to your body while toxins will be evicted!

The first step is realizing what is affecting the body negatively. The 2nd, avoiding the things that are making the body sick. And the 3rd, ridding the body of existing toxins. Getting the body in good working order is the key to treating Autism instead of fueling it.

Ready to find out what the state of your child’s body is? We can help! How about a Blood Chemistry Analysis. Dr. Wong will analyze over 70 biomarkers in order to give you a recommendation of what dietary changes your child might need to take part in, what vitamins and minerals are lacking, and what underlying diseases or disorders he/she may have.

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The Bad Genes Effect On Autism

Although advances are being made everyday in discovering the cause of Autism, there still is no definitive answer. It’s universally believed that Autism is a combination disorder that can be attributed partly to genetics and party to the environment. More and more evidence is being found that genetics truly does play a larger part than we have been lead to believe.

The human body is no stranger to infections and fighting them. After all, that’s what our immune system is made for – fighting infections, disease, and other foreign toxins. When the body senses something is wrong, ideally it kicks right into battle mode and starts chasing the dangerous cells away. We’ve also seen in many Autism cases, that the Autistic body sometimes has a defective immune system. Children end up being more susceptible to picking up germs and disease and the immune system doesn’t fight as hard as it should.

Furthermore, in studies conducted, it has been found that children with Autism often have a lower level of Gluathione in their bodies.

What is Gluathione:

Gluathione is an essential and powerful antioxidant found in each and every cell. It plays a significant role in the regulation of cellular events such as DNA, protein synthetis, cell growth, and particularly immune response.

Gluathione is responsible for targeting toxic metals in the body and ridding the system of them. A lower level of Gluathione means that there is higher risk of toxic metal infection without the body naturally intervening. After all, if the body doesn’t have the weapon (Gluathione) that it needs for battle, then it’s going to lose.

What’s the solution?

Hopefully, once we start learning more about defective genes, we can work on ways to correct them earlier or at least begin treatment before the problem gets out of hand. For now, especially in the case of Gluathione, there are supplements that can be instituted that can at least arm the body with the tools it needs to ward off heavy metals before any long-term, irreversible effects occur from toxic metal poisoning.

However, as Dr. Ray Sahelian explains: Taken as a supplement, Gluathione may not be able to cross across the cell membrane and thus it is not clear how effective a supplement would be if taken orally as a pill. Consider acetylcysteine which is an antioxidant that can regenerate glutathione within cells. Another antioxidant to consider is the mineral selenium. The oral supplement is only about 10% effective, so although it may improve the gut condition, it isn’t the most beneficial supplement.

IV Gluathione is available and it is very effective. However it may be difficult to give to a child on a regular basis. Since its effects are short lived, it would have to be adopted as a regular routine.

Vitamin C was found, when taken in 500mg doses, to raise Red Blood Count Gluathione levels 50% in college students.

Chelation – removing toxic metals from the body can increase the levels of Gluathione.



Body Detox Part II: Detoxification Methods


82% of All Chronic Degenerative Diseases are Caused by Environmental Exposure to TOXIC METALS.” -World

Health Organization 1974

Sure, 1974 was nearly 40 years ago (can you believe it?), but the World Health Organization knew was was happening way back when. This was well before the huge Environmental or “Green” movement that is so common now. The environment

is still a very toxic place, which we clearly laid out last week. You might remember that we shared a lot of places where environmental toxins exist, some of which you might not even have been aware of.

When a child is diagnosed with Autism, it is typically considered to be a behavioral disorder, which in a sense, it absolutely is. Further testing on Autistic bodies have found that many have toxic levels of metals in them. Others have a lack of minerals and vitamins that are essential for proper immune system function. A lot of these deficiencies can be caused be the pollutants that are consumed.

The first step of clearing up a toxic body is knowing that the problem exists. (Remember, Dr. Chun Wong is offering an

amazing deal on his Hair Analysis Test which comes complete with a full written report as well as a Skype or Phone Consultation with Dr. Wong. Check out the special we’re having for our readers here).

After the problem is detected, and before the body is repaired and restored, the toxins must be removed from the body. Detoxifying is an essential part of the healing process. You can’t just simply put healthy vitamins and minerals into the body when it is still toxic. Imagine having a bathtub filled with water, dirt, bacteria, bugs, etc. Simply pouring bleach or cleaning agents into the water will not do the job. You first must clean out the bacteria, and then improve the way in which it is taken care of.

But how do you detoxify the body?


Chelation was introduced into practice during World War I when so many people had ingested poison gas called lewsite. BAL or British Anti Lewsite (formally known as dimercaprol) was used to chelate the lewsite. BAL had very severe side effects, however.

After World War II, a number of people suffered from lead poisoning. The chelating agent EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic) was introduced in order to chelate the lead. Because EDTA is a synthetic amino acid and has no mercaptans (mercury capturers), the side effects were not nearly as severe as BAL.

Since then, there have been a number of modifications and researchers are always looking for better treatment methods that have minimal side effects. There is a low occurrence of side effects when chelation is used at the dose and infusion rates approved by the U.S. FDA as a treatment for heavy metal poisoning.

(We’ve spoken more in depth about Chelation on this blog before. Please do check that out!)


As the name suggests, juicing refers to detoxing the body by consuming raw fruits and vegetable

s that are highly concentrated. Juices are digested by the body very quickly – in about 25 minutes. Because of this, the digestive system has very little to do with processing the juice. We aren’t talking about juices that are found in stores. These are treated with sugars and other ingredients that do not benefit the detoxification process.

Juicing is most effective and beneficial when it is made from the right fruits and vegetables at home, specifically organic fruits and veggies. Organic fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients and will saturate your body with the healthy enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Think about it: doesn’t a nice, long shower with soap and water feel much better than running a wet tissue over your skin for the purpose of cleaning?  It’s a similar situation with consuming organic fruits and vegetables.


DAN! Protocol

The Defeat Autism Now! Protocol is a series of alternative medicine solutions for Autism. There are several avenues that a DAN! Doctor may explore, but traditionally, the following plan may be enforced.

-Dietary intervention: Omission of Gluten (Wheat) and Casein (Dairy) products from your child’s diet. Additionally omitting junk foods that have refined sugar.
-Vitamin and Mineral Supplements - To balance out the dietary changes, replacement minerals and vitamins that the body may lack will be supplemented. Some of the vitamins and minerals commonly supplemented:  Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B5.
-Chelation - the removal of heavy metals which have proven to be very destructive to the Autistic body (as we mentioned).
-Treatment of intestinal bacteria

The most important thing to remember here is the order in which detoxification should be done. First, determine that the body really is toxic. Then, detoxify the body.  Thirdly, repair the body. Then, replace nutrients. It’s important that this order be taken as any other way would not be as effective. You must rid the body of toxins, start with a clean slate, and then proceed with repairing procedures or practices.

Detoxification and Detox Methods


As you may recall, last week we took a look at some tests that can be utilized to detect the level of toxicity of the body. You can catch up by reading last week’s post here.

This week, now that we know how to detect if the body has toxic levels of metals or other materials, we’re going to take a look at detoxification options. Once we know the body is toxic, our first inclination is to repair it. Before we do this, however, we have to rid the body of all of its toxins so that they can stop causing damage.

Where Toxicity Originates

The commonality of toxic bodies in Autistic children, and really the universal population is no real big surprise considering the world we live in. Each day we are breathing in everything from pollen, to car fumes, to toxic waste. The foods that we eat are treated with pesticides. The milk that we drink is from animals that are given different medications, antibiotics, and even steroids. When we walk outside, we ingest cigarette fumes from other smokers.

Luckily we do have a detoxification system in our bodies that’s sole purpose is to filter out these toxins and release them from the body. If the detoxification and immune systems are not functioning properly however, then our bodies absorb the toxins instead of releasing them.

Parents have always known that there is a connection between Autism and the digestive system. Doctors haven’t always been on board, but thanks to intensive studies by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, we are now able to put a name to the digestive issues that plague a great number of Autistic Children. Autistic Enterocolitis, describes the inflammation in the gut that also often contains blisters and abscesses filled with pus and infection. In the gut, undigested foods are stuck to the walls, left to decompose and literally “go bad” inside of the body. These conditions promote a breeding ground for parasites, worms, fungus, and other infections inside of the body.


As we said, the first and very most important thing that must be done in order to repair the body is to remove the toxic materials from the body. Before the actual repair can take place, the body must start off as a clean slate.


One of the most commonly heard of detoxification methods is Chelation. Chelation is the administering of a series of drugs that break down the toxins and aid the body in releasing them. Some of the most common toxins that are targeted by Chelation are lead, mercury and arsenic. The chelation was first introduced after World War I when many people were exposed to toxic substances.

Though many people have had wonderful results from using chelation, one concern is that the chelation drugs also attack and destroy necessary nutrients, like zinc. Doctor’s who administer chelating agents will adjust the diet of your child to ensure that the proper nutrients are being absorbed.


Another method of detoxification is ingesting highly concentrated amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. Because juices are digested in about 20-25 minutes, the digestive system has very little to do with processing the juice. It’s important to note that we’re not talking about the juices found in stores. Even the most seemingly healthy juices are treated with sugars or other nonproductive ingredients that negate the detoxification processes. Juices are most beneficial when made from the right fruits and vegetables at home.

The most important thing to remember here is the order in which detoxification should be done. First, determine that the body really is toxic. Then, detoxify the body. Repair the body. Replace nutrients. It’s important that this order be taken as any other way would not be as effective. You must rid the body of toxins, start with a clean slate, and then proceed with repairing procedures or practices.

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Flu Season and Autism


As another flu season quickly approaches us, masses will flock to their local doctor’s office and pharmacies to get the flu shot. With the economy the way it is, no one can afford to miss a day of work. With education as important as it is, children can’t afford to miss a day of school. However, with the dangers that can come along with getting a flu shot, can you afford to risk the health of your child? Especially if they have Autism?

Commercials, doctor’s offices and advertisements are urging Americans to rush out and get the flu shot. Other countries, such as Australia, Finland, and Sweden have either banned the flu shot, or at the very least opened up investigations to their danger. Sweden launched an investigation into the link between nacrolepsy and the swine flu vaccine after several reports of adverse reactions in children were made.

One of the primary ingredients in the Flu Shot is Thermisol; a mercury based preservative. In many of our blogs here, we visit the subject of chelation, that is, the removal of toxic heavy metals from the autistic body. It has already been determined that Mercury and many of its forms can cause Autism and other neurological disorders just as the flu itself does. We spend time and research on finding ways to rid the body of such heavy metals, and the Flu Shot directly injects it.

So, is it worth getting the shot?

This ends up what your own personal preferences are. Do you avoid the shot and pray that your child does not get the very risky flu? Or, do you chance getting the shot and play Russian Roulette with whether or not your child will suffer very detrimental health effects? Unfortunately, we don’t have a definitive answer for you. What we can say, is to be sure you ask your doctor (or even more than one doctor) what their honest suggestion is regarding your Autistic child receiving the shot.

Last year, we met Melissa, a woman who went to the Emergency Room and received a Tetanus shot. It is believed that as an effect of this routine vaccine, that Melissa almost died when her body rejected it. The doctors told her it was routine, she believed it to be routine, but then this routine vaccine ended up nearly costing Melissa her life.

Know the risks. Understand the potential outcomes.

The Homotoxicology Process


Last week, we explored the basics of Homotoxicology. (You can catch up by reading last week’s post).

The focus of homotoxicology is to rid the body of harmful toxins in order to promote self healing. The Homotoxicology method of treatment believes that the body possesses the innate self-healing mechanism and can treat and prevent illness, and that disease is the culmination of toxins in the body.

The philosophy of homotoxicology is that disease develops over six steps or phases. These phases are listed below with their related symptoms and reactions:

1) Excretion Phase

The excretion phase is the expulsion of toxic products. It is characterized by intense sweating, difficulty concentrating, coughing, sneezing, tears, joint and body aches, electrolyte shift, and increased susceptibility to disease and infection.

2) Inflammation Phase:

Acne, meningitis, conjunctivitis, acute sprain,  acute bronchitis, urinary tract infection, weak immune system.

3) Deposition Phase:

Obesity, gout, gallbladder or kidney stones, intestinal polyps, and nasal polyps.

4) Impregnation Phase: (invasion of toxins into the cell):

Allergies, Asthma, migraines, chronic gastritis, glucose intolerance, chronic infections, autoimmune disease, chronic urinary tract infections, hypertension, and insufficiency of the lymph system.

5) Degeneration Phase:

Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, congestive heart failure. renal atrophy, anemia, fibrosis, diabetes.

6) Dedifferentiation Phase:

Tumors, Cancer.

The first two phases are part of the Humoral Phase. The defense system is intact and the body can excrete toxins via numerous pathways.

Phases three and four are part of the Matrix Phase. During this phase, the biology of the cells in the body begin to change.

The final two phases occur in the Cellular Phase. At this point. the body cannot excrete toxins.

Homotoxicology is not a substitute for medical treatment, so much as a supplement to it. It can treat any of the conditions and diseases listed in the phases of disease development. Practitioners who study homotoxicology assess which stage the disease is at, and which phase it falls into.  The treatment plan will depend solely on the stage of the disease and the condition of the patient.  The smaller scale and acute symptoms are often treated first, and then the chronic condition.

As the body is detoxified, the idea is that the disease or condition will become a “lower” phased condition, and enable the body to heal itself. The typical treatment plan will require 12-18 weeks of consistent treatment. The more severe the condition, the longer it may take.

In a case like Autism, we have spoken about the need to detoxify the body of toxic metals. This detoxification, in homotoxification theory, would enable the body to begin to heal itself. Without being completely free of toxins, the body has the inability to promote it’s natural ability to heal itself.

5 Of The Most Commonly Used Autism Treatments

Autism Puzzle Image

Autism is a puzzling disorder. Almost too appropriately, the universal logo and symbol of Autism is a puzzle. When you find out that your child has Autism, you’re going to be flooded with information on treatment methods from doctors and specialists. There are a variety of available treatments, but when you’re still suffering from the shock of the diagnosis, it’s difficult to tell the difference of each treatment. Here are a few of the most commonly used treatment options.

1. Behavioral Modification

Often in cases of Autism, children have difficulties with maintaining acceptable behavior. Hitting,  self injury, temper tantrums, and other like behaviors are common and damaging to the child and their families. Behavior modification treatment focuses on refining the behavior by initiating a reward system for acceptable behavior. Children are rewarded with hugs, high fives, toys, or something that they enjoy so that they associate good behavior with positive reinforcement.

2. Dietary Modification

It has been found that diets that are high in gluten or casein can be damaging to the autistic body. Eliminating these wheat and dairy items can be easier said than done because they’re often such a large part of a child’s diet. With substitution and new skills, parents can learn how to remove these foods from their child’s diet and allow their inflamed guts to heal.

3. Communication Treatment

Social interaction is another area in which children have a hard time performing in when they are diagnosed with ASD. Very often, Autistic children are unable to speak or communicate effectively and this makes it difficult to understand what it is that your child needs or wants. Communication treatment or Speech therapy explores other methods of communication such as non-verbal communication that can enable ASD children to communicate on a level that can be understood.

4. Chelation

Chelation is the process utilized to remove damaging heavy metals from the body. Mercury, iron, and other metals are often found in the Autistic body and can have negative effects on the brain making Autism symptoms even worse. Another source of damaging metals is Thiomersal, which is found in many childhood vaccines. Chelation Therapy includes the administering of chelating agents to remove heavy metals.

5. Treatment with Medication

When it comes to treating Autism with medication, since the ultimate cause isn’t known, you aren’t really treating the Autism so much as the symptoms. With Autism often comes depression, anxiety, and behavioral challenges in which doctors are quick to hand over a prescription for an anti-depressant.  While this can give symptoms a pacifier and can make living with Autism somewhat easier, there’s no one medication to treat autism.

An ideal treatment plan will focus on your individual child’s needs and interests. For example, if you have a child is is very interested in toys and enjoys playing with them, toy therapy may be a beneficial treatment for them. It’s perfectly okay to explore different methods of treatment to find which one works best. While there is no cure for Autism, there are a decent number of treatment options that can be very beneficial to treating the symptoms and body damage that Autism brings with it.