Enhanced Biofilm Protocol: Perfecting the Process Part II: Liver Detoxification And Vitamin D Deficiencies


Last week we began talking about Dr. Wong’s new findings in Enhanced Biofilm Protocol. We’ve discussed similar methods of ridding the Autistic body of hidden toxins before here. What’s new about Dr. Wong’s Enhanced Biofilm Protocol? How does it take the original protocol and make it better? What problems from the original does it address?
The original protocol, as we discussed, focused on first finding the problem via a blood test. The ‘problem’ in this case is the lack of function of the Gastrointestinal system (GI). A new diet is usually implemented, the body goes through a detox period, and then medicinal supplements are given to further replace deficient vitamins in the body.

Here is a summary of Dr. Wong’s Enhanced Biofilm Protocol:

  1. Do Blood Chemistry Test
  2. Do Comprehensive Stool Analysis
  3. Correct Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies and others if test indicates necessity
  4. Cleanse liver if needed
  5. Fix Ileocecal and Houston valves
  6. Eat fruits in season and little amount is suspected yeast overgrowth
  7. Go on Sugar Control Diet, GFCF diet
  8. Take probiotics and prebiotics
  9. Do Steps 3-7 for four to six weeks depending on severity
  10. Now, add on the original BioFilm Protocol
  11. Run the protocol for at least six months before retest or stop

Notice some new stuff in there? Let’s go over some of the new additions:

Step 1: Do A Blood Chemistry Test:
What Dr. Wong has found is that via a Blood Chemistry Test, he has found that children with Autism are usually deficient in both Calcium and Vitamin D. This is especially true if the test shows low stomach enzymes (high phosphorus) and serum protein. You see without stomach enzymes we cannot absorb calcium and protein.  The calcium besides, important for our bone helps maintain our valves integrity.  The valves separate and compartmentalize our body such as the ileocecal valve helps separate small and large intestine.

Step 2: Do a Comprehensive Stool Analysis:
It is through a stool analysis that a complete workup of microbial population and deficiencies can be detected.

Step 3:  Correct Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies and others if test indicates necessity

What Dr. Wong has found is that if we correct our Blood Chemistry problems we can enhanced our healing ability.

Step 4: Cleanse the Liver if Needed:

It is a commonly known fact that our bodies contain bacteria. Not all bacteria is bad, in fact our bodies have healthy bacteria. However, a large number of Autistic children have an abundance of bad bacteria in the form of yeast and even parasites. Yeasts are part of our normal body flora, however an over abundance can be damaging. When alive, yeasts produce phenolic compounds to further burden our liver detoxification function. This combined with stresses like heavy metals, drugs, impaired cellular function as in mitochondrial disease, can really put a huge burden on the liver. Because the liver is a major part of detoxification, if it is not in working order, then the body cannot utilize it as a way to get rid of toxicities. Leaky Gut Syndrome is also a product of yeast overabundance.

The goal is not to kill yeast, but to manage its population. Therefore, we must eat a sugar-free and stay away from “white goods” like white bread, white sugar etc.

What we’re saying is that when the organ used to detoxify the body is in itself toxic, then how can the body begin to be repaired? Liver cleansing is an added step in Dr. Wong’s Enhanced Biofilm Protocol. This can be done utilizing a variety of methods, and once done, it can be taken a step further to taking part in a “Fresh Start Diet” which essentially is a week long diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the remainder steps in Dr. Wong’s Enhanced Biofilm Protocol. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section of this post.

Also, you’re going to be seeing a lot of new changes coming very soon. We’ve changed out name to “New Autism”.  Expect a new blog design. Even some more great findings and discoveries of Dr. Wong.

Enhanced Biofilm Protocol – Perfecting the Process


For those of you new readers here, or even parents who are new to the Autism world, Biofilm may be something you’ve never heard of. Don’t worry, the majority of parents that come into our office aren’t sure what it is either, but once it’s explained, they completely understand. Over the last few years, Dr. Wong has been working hard at perfecting testing and treatment of Biofilm, more commonly called Biofilm Protocol, and has come up with an improved process.

Before we get into this new process, let’s do a little review. In one of our previous posts, we explained that Biofilm is more easily thought of as slime. This slime, or biofilm can exist and thrive wherever there is water, from the bathroom counter to your teeth (think: dental plaque) to the gut of living mammals including humans. You might even be able to catch a glimpse of some biofilm as that sticky, green stuff clinging to pipes and plumbing.

About 99 precent of bacteria live in biofilm communities. Of course, not all bacteria is bad. Some bacteria’s primary function is to kill other, more damaging bacteria. More commonly though, we know about the bad bacteria that can do things like corrode pipes and invade our bodies and make us sick, or even causing bodies to reject medical implants.

Whenever we have an infection or some sort, we typically go to the doctor and they prescribe us an antibiotic that starts working immediately and attacking bacteria in our bodies that are making us ill. However, biofilm is a very intelligent thing. Some biofilm resists antibiotics and medicines, and continues thriving despite intense attempts at destroying it. It’s also important to note that depending on the environment, biofilm can form in as little as 30 seconds, to several weeks.

The makings of biofilm were closely studied and it was found that biofilm builds itself a protective matrix utilizing iron, magnesium and calcium. Once this was broken down using Chelation, heavy metals were released into the bowel. Prior to the chelation, the bowel tested sometimes negatively to having toxic metals. This shows that the biofilm itself is in a sense hiding metals.

Dr Wong’s New Findings:

Based on observation of the Blood Chemistry (a blood test) of those affected individuals they are always deficiencies in Calcium and Vitamin D.  Most of them are always having a detoxification issues via their livers and are always eating “white goods” – such as refined carbohydrates.  Dr. Wong’s modified enhanced biofilm protocol now includes calcium and vitamin D supplements.  Additionally the child is given a check-up on their Ileocecal valve and Houston valve.  If the valves are defective, they are fixed using manual correction or acupressure technique.  To confirm deficiences, the Blood Chemistry Test is ran again.

Next week, we’re going to take a close look at Dr. Wong’s Biofilm Protocol.We’re putting together an easy to understand guide on the new Enhanced Biofilm Protocol, and we’re going to be sharing that with you!

Have a wonderful week!