Why Are Autism Rates in Israel So Low?

Approximately 1 in 88 children in the United States have some form of Autism. Only 1 out of every 208 Israelis children have this condition. There have been several studies done to examine why Israel has such lower rates of Autism. Below are some of the possible explanations:
Fewer vaccinations
Vaccinations have been a subject of controversy for the past 10 years. The number of vaccinations that the children are required to have has increased, and many are speculating that there is a correlation between Autism and vaccinations. Even though health experts assert that Autism is not caused by vaccines, it is quite interesting that this condition is less common in Israelis children. Children in Israel are not required to have as many vaccines as American children.


Many Israelis today still maintain kosher lifestyle. The kosher diet forbids the eating of swine and other foods that have been deemed unclean. There have been studies done to confirm that a poor maternal diet can lead to Autism. It is possible that poor dietary has an effect on pregnant women to cause autism.

Fewer environmental toxins

If a mother is exposed to toxins in the environment during her pregnancy, her growing child could be at an increased risk for developing autism. Is it because Israel has far fewer environmental toxins and that could be another possible explanation for the lower autism rates.