SonRise Program – Part Two

Loved ones bridge the communication gap into the world of autism by accepting the child in their world instead of fighting to change behavior. Parents, families and friends open the door for communication by demonstrating unconditional acceptance of the child, which gains the child’s trust. Rather than squelching repetitive or inappropriate behavior, SonRise methods teach parents that by using mirroring techniques, parents quickly gain the child’s attention. In time, autistic children willingly begin interaction by making eye contact and using verbal expression. Once connection occurs, families open the door for motivating the child to begin the process of learning language and interpersonal communication.

The task of retrieving a child from autism may seem daunting. The Autism Treatment Center offers continual education, training and support. The organization additionally equips families with the ability of finding and training a support team who assist parents with the task of building the connection bridge. The program enlightens families in how to deal with behavioral obstacles, recognizing learning opportunities and preventing burn out.

The staff employed at the Autism Treatment Center of America work with parents in determining individual programs that offer the most effective results. The versatility of the SonRise program allows each parent the ability of designing a regimen that meets their child’s needs. Parents might combine the program techniques with complimentary therapies that include biomedical interventions, dietary changes or sensory integration therapy.

The techniques offered by the SonRise program provide families with a ray of hope for children aged 18 months and up. Children helped by the program include those receiving a diagnosis of autism, autism spectrum disorders and pervasive developmental disorder.


  1. admin says

    Hi Carmel, of course it is better to start early possible but the problem is that most of the activities require more maturity. Therefore, usually as soon the diagnosis is made about autism and depending on the age then biomedical interventions start and concurrent with some sort of neurological activities such as ABA, Sonrise and etc. However, we can only do biomedical treatment if the child is really young like 2-5 years old till he is old enough for the social therapies as mentioned above.

  2. Rachael Flatt says

    We have been running a Son-Rise program for a little more than a year now and have seen amazing improvements. Highly recommend this therapy!

  3. ayla says

    I am intending to enroll my self for the Son-Rise parents training program, i have an eight years non verbal autistic son, but iam not staying in US, so kindly let me know how to get the training program package for me, what is the procedure with complete details.

    Thank you

    Best regards

  4. admin says

    Hi Ayla, please Gooogle direct for their website and you could contact them for more information as I am not an agent for them.

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