Similarities Between ADHD and Autism

Research has shown that children with autism also have organic xenobiotics like ADHD children. It is found that functional liver detoxification testing – such as caffeine, acetaminophen, and aspirin clearance –  may also be abnormal in autistic children. It is not definitive, but autism may be an indication of a primary neurotoxicologic disorder that stems from fetal and infant exposure to xenobiotics.  The issue this presents at such a young age is that the blood-brain barrier is poorly developed and combined with potential inherited insufficiency of liver detox mechanisms, problems may arise. It is a possibility that autism and ADHD may be part of the same spectrum of disorders and share quite a few etiological features.  What do you think of this?


  1. nadia says

    I really do believe in this my child was diagnosed with PDD at age of two and after two years of gfcf diet he was diagnosed with a non classical form of ADD so what do you think doctor

  2. admin says

    Hi Nadia, usually you see a pattern of dopamine (from amino acid tyrosine) being affected that can result in ADD or PDD-like symptoms. The brain neurotransmitter dopamine has this effect.

  3. Nuha says

    I think there is more chance here to the parents of ADHD , PDD to do all wate they can to help their child by doing functional tests in laboratory

  4. admin says

    Thank you for speaking my piece of mind, Dr. Nuha. I miss you my dearest friend.

  5. admin says

    Hello Rao, if ‘autism’ never happens yet please provide for preconception planning such as healthier lifestyle for the parents (mother) and if it already occurs or diagnosed then do biomedical intervention paying attention after 6 years of age on frontal lobe rehabilitation. I know this is a broad topic but feel free to search for more on my site. Thank you.

  6. shahida says

    My son is 12yr,non-verbal autistic kid,he is on gfcf diet from last 2yr,he donot have any behavior promblem,my question is xenobiotics have any role b/w brain and speech,and how can we improve this, and which things we have to stop,

  7. admin says

    Hi Shahida, xenobiotics have been implicated in research on the development of the child, and no doubt there are consequences for autism. You could try and improve on your child’s environment by going ‘green’, organic, doing liver detoxification safely and having a positive attitude.

  8. says

    Hi my son is 12yrs,he is speach dealay he was 1-2 yrs little communicated no eye contact,repeat the words he does him self every thinks. hearing is good
    we consult lot of doctors please advice me

  9. admin says

    Hi Vazeer, at 12 years of age you should start by making sure his diet and environment are the healthiest possible or best do a Biomedical evaluation. After that I highly recommended reading “Disconnected Kids” by Robert Melillo and do frontal lobe rehabilitation.

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