Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy – What You Need and Should Know


If someone would have recommended you to try HBOT 10 years ago, chances are that you would have thought it was some new-age robot that helped you with

something like housework. How helpful it would be to have a machine that would do the impossible. Today, though it’s not as universally known, more and more people realize that HBOT isn’t a robot – it’s a highly successful treatment of many brain traumas.

The Basics – What is HBOT?

HBOT is an acronym for Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy. “Hyper” means ‘increased’, and “Baric” relates to pressure. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the intermittent treatment of the body with 100 precent oxygen at pressures greater than the atmosphere.

When 100% oxygen is delivered to the body at an increased pressure, much of the oxygen is absorbed by the blood stream and carried to necessary organs and tissues. This delivery of pure oxygen helps antibiotics and other medications work better, and activates white blood cells in order to ward off infection.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy help Autism?

Oxygen Free Radicals are a developing brain’s worst enemy as they attack and destroy developing brain cells.  There are naturally ocurring antioxidants in the body whose job in the body is to attach these Oxygen Free Radicals and balance them out. Studies have found that the levels of this antioxidant are very low in a large amount of autistic children.

Delivering 100-precent oxygen to the Autistic body as is done in HBOT,  stimulates an increase of SOD (superoxide dismutase), one of the body’s most important antioxidant. SOD seeks out Free Radicals in the body and works to balance them out.

What Can I Expect With HBOT?

There are many pictures of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers available on the internet. They can be a bit overwhelming and downright scary for a parent considering the treatment for their child.  The process itself is simple, and the patient is made to be as comfortable as possible. Many children enjoy the time in the space-ship like chamber.

An HBOT treatment is usually an hour long. The patient is placed on a cot-like bed and rolled into the chamber. For the hour, 100% Oxygen is released into the chamber, and the patient breathes it in. The pressure is increased slowly throughout the treatment and at the end, the patient is slowly decompressed and then exits the chamber.

During the treatment, the patient is free to watch TV, listen to music, talk with friends/family in the room, nap, read, or generally anything. The chamber has 360 degree vision as to avoid any claustrophobia or crypt-like feelings.

Does HBOT Really Work?

As with every treatment for every disease and disorder, there are those for the treatment and against the treatment. Worldwide, many conditions are being treated using Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and there are many success stories.  Some of the other conditions that are being treated using HBOT include: sickle cell anemia, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis. Though, there are over 100 conditions in which the HBOT chamber is being used to treat.

The question was: “Does HBOT Really Work?” – and we don’t have an answer for each person individually. We’d love nothing more than to declare, “YES! It works for us and it will work for your child!” But, we can’t. The effectiveness of any treatment is going to solely depend on your child’s specific condition and body chemistry. There have been success stories; children who show less destructiveness and aggression; but it’s not for everyone.  Scientifically, however, the treatment just makes sense. A primary cause of brain cell destruction is the abundance of Free Radicals. Delivering 100 percent oxygen to the blood stream enables the production of an antioxidant proven to seek out these Free Radicals. It just makes sense!

So, I want to try HBOT for my child. Now What?

Contact Us! We have an Autism Consultant – Yvette – who is here to help you with any questions or concerns that you might have. We have leads on HBOT Chambers and treatment centers available.


  1. tony kalife says

    Any damage can happen for a 3 year old child, andy danger from the htob or side effect.

  2. aamir aziz says

    how does an oxygen therapy helps my daughter who is 06 years old able to speak and how can i get the treatment in my country pakistan

  3. admin says

    Hi Nonye, The basic research shows a program of 40 sessions are needed to effect some changes. From my experiences, if you combine some basic biomedical treatments like nutrition then the results are more pronounced.

  4. admin says

    Hi Aamir, the HBOT decreases the inflammation in the body and can be also for the brain and then together with some speech therapy and re-introduction of learning/talking your child can be helped. You had to google to find help for HBOT in Pakistan.

  5. admin says

    Hi Tony, some research which you could check on my blog here indicates no harm for the 3 years except ear pressure during “diving” and the side-effect could be maybe causes more seizures if your child has one already.

  6. admin says

    Hi Nuha, technically the HBOT would work for any age but the less damages the better or the younger/earlier they received treatment the better.

  7. admin says

    Hi Budi, not exactly sure about Indonesia but I heard there are facilities there or else contact us for more info.

  8. freshta says

    hi my sun is with mild autism PDD how can i get your help becus im living in dubai pleaes help me thanks

  9. Shelley says

    Is this service available in the uk, if so where and how much does it cost?

    Kind regards

  10. admin says

    Hi Abo Saif, إذا كنتم جادين ، وهناك العديد من الموارد على موقعنا. كنت قد رعاية الإعداد للطبيب أن يأتي إلى بلدكم لمساعدة أيضا. اسمحوا لي أن أعرف.

  11. Rick says

    Where do you stand on taking Vitamins A, C, & E (in addition to baseline Glutathione and Folinic/B12) to offset the oxidative stress?

  12. admin says

    Hi Rick, I agreed that most autistic kids has oxidative stress and so I tends to like to use vitamin C and glutathione, and for the others I do some blood chemistry test plus do a good history taking before prescribing them as they can be toxic.

  13. mohd says

    Dr. my doughter from 2 years ago she do Oxgyn in jordan and she’s in diet from alot of items and she take supplement then we remove the metal from here blood but i did not find any progress on my doughter.
    and now i heard about a device they but it in here ears for 15 sessions.

  14. admin says

    Molikom salam, Mohd
    Be careful about how you proceed with the Biomedical treatments. Retrace what works and stay on them. Figure out why the rest is not working before giving up. Studies show that chelating agents pull out heavy metals from tissues and push it to another one, and therefore, this therapy should be done with cautious. I cannot answered your questions based on this brief paragraph. The device in the ears help to stimulate neurotrasnsmitters’ pathways and this can help but so is many other things. Contact me directly if needed help!

  15. admin says

    Hi Khalid, we are in Algonquin, Illinois, USA although sometimes, Dr. Wong get invited to the country. Are you interested?

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