How To: Detox Environmental Toxicities

Body detoxification is the new big thing in healthy living. It’s very common in weight loss and healthy living scenarios to detoxify the body of harmful toxins that affect the immune and other important systems from functioning properly.

In order to keep the body free and clear from toxins, there are some dietary things that we can do, as well as avoiding smog, nicotine and other harmful substances. However, the environment itself carries it’s own amount of toxins and these are hard to avoid unless you live in a bubble. Yet, these toxins are bad for the body and the longer they are allowed to exist, they are given the chance to do damage.

Before we can correct the damage that may have already been done, we have to rid the body of the current toxins as not to produce more issues.

So, how do you detoxify the body from environmentally originated toxins?

1) Avoidance of Exposure

It’s important that you be sure that your child (and yourself!) are consistently exposed to clean air, food and water. Avoid smoking areas and being in a city with a lot of vehicle smog for long periods of time. Be sure you’re allowing your child to consume clean food that isn’t at risk for toxins or pesticides. Additionally, a diet free of gluten and casein has become popular and effective in avoiding allergic reactions. Avoid tap water when possible – or have a water filter in place. You’ll taste the difference most immediately when switching from tap to filtered water.

2) Supplementation

It is common in Autistic Children to find that their body is lacking the adequate vitamins and minerals to have an effective immune system. When the immune system isn’t working, it can’t fight off infection (which explains why you may notice your child might be very sick very often).

Once you find out what your child’s body is lacking, you can supplement it by modifying his/her diet and administering supplements in the form of multivitamins.

Dr. Walter Crinnion, a Naturopathic Doctor, has done increased studies on vitamins and minerals and wrote an article in response to a claim that vitamins were more dangerous than drugs. As Dr. Crinnion explains, it’s true that too much of some minerals is bad, as copper in excess can cause toxic damage, there is no backup that says multi-vitamins are useless.

3) Cleansing

Dr. Crinnion has also done a great deal of work in detoxification by ridding the body of toxic load. He studies the foods that could be making you sick. He interestingly points out that the foods that your child craves the most could be the ones that are causing the most damage. We’ve talked here before about the body being “addicted” to gluten as it attaches to the brain similar to morphine.

Cleansing the body of these things is essential to get on the right path to wellness.

There are a few methods that can be utilized to cleanse the body of toxins: Of the most popular and effective are:

Chelation – ┬áChelation is the process utilized to remove damaging heavy metals from the body. Mercury, iron, and other metals are often found in the Autistic body and can have negative effects on the brain making Autism symptoms even worse. Another source of damaging metals is Thiomersal, which is found in many childhood vaccines. Chelation Therapy includes the administering of chelating agents to remove heavy metals.

Juicing – By utilizing fruits and vegetables that are highly concentrated, the body flushes out unnecessary toxins. The body digests juices very quickly (in about 25 minutes), so it’s nutrients get in and get to work very quickly. Organic fruits and vegetables are best for juice detoxification and can easily be done at home. Enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be given to your body while toxins will be evicted!

The first step is realizing what is affecting the body negatively. The 2nd, avoiding the things that are making the body sick. And the 3rd, ridding the body of existing toxins. Getting the body in good working order is the key to treating Autism instead of fueling it.

Ready to find out what the state of your child’s body is? We can help! How about a Blood Chemistry Analysis. Dr. Wong will analyze over 70 biomarkers in order to give you a recommendation of what dietary changes your child might need to take part in, what vitamins and minerals are lacking, and what underlying diseases or disorders he/she may have.

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  1. Necitas Casalan says

    This article is helpful! But can we undergo chelation like DMSA if the child is undergoing MB12 injection therapy? DMSA can remove heavy metals like mercury and lead but not aluminum.How can we remove aluminum from the autistic body? If the autistic has yeast, fungi and bacteria, and you have to treat it with Nystatin, can we still continue the MB12 injection therapy?

  2. admin says

    Hi Necitas, I see no problem in using MB12 with chelation therapy. You are right that DMSA is more efficient in removing mercury and lead than aluminum. However, aluminum is the easier among the bunch to be eliminated using mineralogy technique. The antagonists are calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C. Often, you need several hair tests to reveal this heavy metal as it get sequestered between tissues. Be aware that any chelation can lower sodium/potassium ratio, our vitality. There are many issues with chelation therapy. Are you aware of it?

  3. Necitas Casalan says

    Can you include this topic in your future posts? Your website is helping lots of people…Many thanks!

  4. Necitas Casalan says

    Can we administer Nystatin while the child is undergoing MB12 injectable therapy? Nystatin is not absorb by the bloodstream while MB12 if injected in the buttocks is slowly absorb by the bloodstream.Is there any harm to the child if the therapy will be done at the same time? I read an article that during initiation phase of MB12 there should be no changes to the child treatment program.How many weeks is the initiation phase of MB12 before we can introduce another therapy.Is it possible to undergo also the child to auditory therapy?

  5. iftikhar ali awan says

    hye,i m from pakistan,my 6 years son is mild autistic,what type of help and in what ways u can give me here in pakistan.thanks

  6. admin says

    Hi Iftikhar, if you are new to autism treatment you should spend time learning about the condition first because “Knowledge is Power”. Anyway, here is a good start: GFCF diet, protein-rich diet, good multi-vitamins and minerals if you could afford it, good Omegas 3 supplement and lots of non-cow diary yogurt or fermented food. Take care!

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