Homotoxicology 101: What is it? And How Can It Treat Autism?

The basBrain Wavesic idea of homotoxicology is to restore the body’s chemical balance by detoxifying. It shares the same idea as Chelation, which is the process of removing heavy metals from the Autistic body. With homotoxicology, homeopathic remedies are given to help the body learn to heal itself. A belief of homotoxicology is that every human being regardless of age, race, gender, or nationality has the ability to instill healing mechanisms  and processes within themselves that can prevent and treat illness.

Homotoxicology was developed in Germany over 50+ years ago and is becoming more and more studied and used at this point in the Uniter States.

Practicing homotoxicology promotes the idea that it is believed that almost every disease is the result of an overabundance of toxins within the body.

In order to start the process, homotoxicology calls for homeopathic remedies to be administered to the body. Homeopathic remedies are FDA approved and are given orally, topically, via inhalation, or by IV injection. A great deal of homeopathic remedies are all natural and have been developed organically from animals, minerals, or plants. Once the remedy is in the body, it goes to work aggressively to stimulate the part of the body that is believed to be able to heal itself. Small amounts of remedies yield to the body practicing its ability to restore its health.

Another view of homotoxicology is that “Like yields like”. In short, this means that the side effects of a remedy may cause a similar reaction to that which is being treated. In essence the body is being given a substance that will trigger these symptoms to train the body to fight them. You can compare this to a chicken pox or flu shot that injects the body with the condition to get the body educated on how to fight.

Because of the dangerously high amounts of chemicals just in our oxygen, let alone through our homes, or supermarkets, or any public place, the body can pick up disease, sickness, and chemical traces rather easily. Toxins that are picked up from an external source are called Exogenous. The liver, kidneys and skin membranes do their best to take these chemicals and rid the body of them.

Endogenous toxins are created inside the body and reak havoc on the body just as the exogenous can. These toxins are often the result of nutrient deficiencies, emotional traumas, psychological stress, and histamine. These conditions constantly generate toxins that can adversely affect cells, tissues, organs, etc.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the homotoxicology process and dig a bit deeper into this holistic type approach to Autism, Diabetes, and other diseases in which poor chemical balance could exist.  You won’t want to miss next week’s post.

Meanwhile, please as any questions you might have regarding this process, and we’ll address them accordingly!


  1. nuha says

    I well wait next week to know more about this serhous and important process
    Thanks a lot

  2. fida mesto says

    thnx dr chun for all these precious informations u sent to me first off all i hope that this treatement will be usefull for my autistic child and i heard about the oxytherapy now in applicable in arabic contries so they can remove heavy metals from their body i want to ask u a question plz my son is taking too much drogues and i am so worry about his life he’s taking antideppressants and antiepileptic drogues though he’not an epileptic child is there anuy drogue can be usefull for his case ??????????????it seems that all these drogues don’t give the good result that i am waiting for can u help me plz -fida(mother of an autistic child’s who’s suffering a lot)

  3. meena says

    Is this remedy available in india or dubai? kindly let us know. I am eagerly waiting more news about this remedy. Thanks

  4. admin says

    Hi Meena, Homotoxicology should be available in your country especially if you could find a trained Homeopath or Naturopath.

  5. admin says

    Hi Fida Mesto, Yes, there are lots of options for your autistic child and you need guidance to set your son on a course of correct biomedical approach. Please contact us or organize my visitation to your country.

  6. Sharon says

    Could you sent please sent more info. on homotoxicology. I am presently trying the Cutler’s protocol on my son with a Dan doctor but I’ll like to know more about this therapy. What does it involve, how long before you start seeing results etc.


  7. admin says

    Hi Sharon, I have blog on couple of occasion about homotoxicology. You could search inside my blog. Cutler is basically an oral form of chelation technique and there is nothing special about it. be careful to do all preparation to enhance your son’s health or biochemistry especially his gut before doing any chelation. Chelation is a ‘hard’ therapy to do as basically, all you do is take the heavy metals out of one tissue and put them into another one. sure there would be some coming out via urine or the stool.

  8. dr.gamal abdel nasser says

    Dear reader
    I am Dr. Gamal Abdel Nasser – Egyptian – Nationality
    Lee experiments with the treatment of autism in Egypt, the UAE and thank God I was able to prove some of the experiments currently in Egypt have improved two three-year-old boy and a girl aged 4 years
    Testimony of two cases and improved maternal and using some of the herbs that are available in an environmental Egyptian
    Treatment exists and what is said about the medicine and not true Alamadadhllaktiab
    At all
    And is ready to prove it
    It is not a successful diet and get rid of toxins successful

    Communication through amyl

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