Heavy Metal Toxicity

Many studies suggest that the epidemic rise of autism spectrum disorders is due to the fact that we are living in an evermore hostile environment, a world filled with pollution and toxins. We know that our toxic environment is to blame for many diseases and conditions, and now it seems that we can add autism to this list.


Environmental toxins include pesticides, emissions, dioxins and PCBs, Nicotine, Solvents and heavy metals. In this blog post, we will examine the link between heavy metal exposure and autism, and how this can be combated.

Heavy Metals

Some research has linked autism with heavy metal exposure, but what are heavy metals and how are our children exposed to them?

  • Mercury – Mercury is used as a preservative (thimerosal) in certain medicines and some vaccines, and is also a by-product emitted by various industrial processes. Mercury is poisonous in high doses and the symptoms of mercury poisoning are incredibly similar to autism symptoms.

  • Cadmium – Cadmium is in the air we breathe and the water we drink, and comes from smoking and pollution.
  • Lead – Lead is found in old water pipes, old paint and leaded fuel. High lead levels in children have been linked to learning problems, cognitive impairment, aggression and other problems.
  • Manganese – Manganese is found in the environment in wastewater, sewage, the mining and mineral processing industries and in industrial emissions. High levels have been linked to hyperactivity and learning disabilities.

Heavy Metals and the Body

Doesn’t the body excrete such toxins?

Generally, the body is able to cope with exposure to heavy metals by excreting them as waste products. However, autistic children may have a metabolism that is unable to do this efficiently and these heavy metals build up in the body. This build up starts to damage and poison the body, causing developmental problems and impairment.

The Cure

Chelation therapy has been found to be highly effective in treating heavy metal toxicity. “Chelation” is the body’s own process of detoxifying itself and excreting toxins, and chelation drugs support the body in this process. Chelation therapy works by removing the heavy metals from the body’s tissues and making them water- soluble so that they are easy for the body to excrete.

Chelators recommended by the DAN! Project (The Autism Research Institute’s “Defeat Autism Now!” project) are TTFD, DMPS and DMSA.

It is recommended that chelation treatment is combined with gut healing treatments, to stop heavy metals being reabsorbed by a damaged gut, and glutathione (GSH), an essential nutrient that protects the body’s cells from toxins. HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is also a great biomedical treatment for heavy metal exposure because it uses the healing power of oxygen to reduce inflammation in the gut, to detoxify the body and to help the body repair damaged cells and tissue.

Cutting the toxic load

As well as using chelation therapy, you should reduce your child’s exposure to toxins by:-

  • Using reverse osmosis drinking water.
  • Eating organic foods
  • Avoiding the use of pesticides in the garden
  • Using “natural” cleaning and laundry products rather than harsh chemicals
  • Using a HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner and in your child’s room
  • Avoiding cooking wrap and aluminum products in cooking
  • Avoiding the use of solvents, adhesives, varnishes and paints around your child

Cutting your child’s toxic load, healing the gut, using chelation therapy, nourishing your child with a good diet and supplements, and using HBOT therapy will all help to heal your child of the damage caused by heavy metal exposure.

Find out more about the biomedical approach to autism and how to help your child, in my manual “Stop Autism Now Using Secrets of Biomedical Medicine” – click here for details.


  1. Jane Johnson says

    Just to be clear, at ARI we don’t claim to “cure” autism, but to treat it. Chelation should only be undertaken under the supervision of an experienced physician, and only if the individual shows clear evidence of heavy metal toxicity. Ideally the patient should already be consulting with a nutritionist trained in implementing diets for people on the spectrum, and other foundational aspects of the Defeat Autism Now! protocol should be in place. Chelation should NOT be the first thing you do. Individual responses to chelation will vary widely.
    Jane Johnson
    Director, Defeat Autism Now!

  2. suzan says

    hi,how can i know that my child have some kind of metal toxicity that need intervention! would that be through blood test measuring the level of heavy metals ? thanx.
    note : im a mother of 2.4 yrs old child diagnosed as ASD ,im a doctor,i read a lot about any thing related to autisim, plz im desprate,most of the time i feel my heart is being squeezed,it s really the ultimate pain! can u help me ,thanx!

  3. admin says

    Hi Suzan,
    I know how difficult it is for parents to have an autistic child. Yes, you could do some sort of blood works for heavy metals but I like to keep it simple initially. I like the general screen to see the heavy metal workload first on the child via a simple hair test called Hair Elements from Doctors Data or many other sources. As you know hair is an excretory “organ” and so heavy metals can be excreted through this way by the body. Normally, 1 cm worth of hair sample contains a month worth of heavy metal burden. There are also two other kinds of tests via urine or fecal. Both are not so useful unless you are doing before and after test to follow up on the chelation therapy. Best of luck.

  4. Dawn says

    I have a 9yr old autistic child and he was diagnosed when he was about 5 years old, and I must say that in all that 4 years he has come a long way with help from the school he attends. Just recently I have been told that my 4yr. old is also showing strong signs of autism. I am very confused, tired, and feel so helpless. I have been reading all I can and I must say the information from this website is giving me a sense of hope. I am a single mother of three, and I work 40+ hours a week and I just hope I can help my boys with some of the information that you have provided. IS THIS WEBSITE FOR REAL is my question. There is a lot of other information out there that does not offer much, and I hate to be taken for a ride. Basically I, all parents of autistic children, need help and feel overwhelmed with many things and that leaves us vulnerable. Please help…

  5. admin says

    Dear Dawn,
    I know the frustration of all the over-whelming info out there. I understand is is difficult and let along having to handle 2 autistic kids. Just like everything else in life, it is worthwhile to do your research and educate yourself much possible. I am glad this website gave you a great sense and directions. I am looking forward to be around for a long time dispelling current new info on cure for autism. I am for real. You could call us, email us or write to us. Let us know how and what you need by emailing us.

  6. says

    I’ve recently discovered people using a mineral supplement (MMS) that seems to have the ability to oxidize and eliminate heavy metals in a persons blood and tissues with careful use. It generates a time controlled release of safe levels of chlorine dioxide and folks are claiming great success with it for many illnesses.

    Do you think that might be useful for autism patients and has anyone tried it to your knowledge?

  7. admin says

    Hi Rod Daniels,
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. To my knowledge, none of my autism patients or others have used the MMS but I am sure we would never heard the last of it. The concept seem to be the same as the chelating agent, that is to use a highly charged particle to “absorb” viruses, bacteria, heavy metals etc and this way would cleared the body of their burden. Hope this help!

  8. Elucidatus says

    New Autism Cure? Are you serious? You need to fix this.

    Dr. Wong I have heard good things about you but you seriously cannot be going around advertising a cure for Autism. I know you mean well and I know you want to help people but please do not claim that you can cure Autism. Its only a matter of time before the knucklehead insolence group finds this and they will go wild on this.

  9. admin says

    Hi Elucidatus,
    I understand your concerns. Thanks, just like what they said, “the higher you are in the pole, the more your @** sticks out” and soon you get lost of people wanting to shut you down. I like the name ‘new autism cure’ because first, it catch attention, and second, it implies hope. I am not stupid to go around advertising a cure for autism. You read what you could, interpret it and then take what information you could use to help your kids.

  10. judy says

    any info for adults with this probLem?/ my son is an adult, was originally diagnosed with PERVASIVE CHILDHOOD DISORDER in the 1980’s, this problem has now been lumped under aspbergers syndrome which falls under autism, now. I am seriously considering having him tested for heavy metal toxicity, he also began having epileptic seizures at 21, we still don’t know why and is on medication. what is your opinion on fetal stem cell treatments?? thanks for any help.

  11. admin says

    Hi Judy, I believe in hope even for your adult child. Keep going! Please type “stem cell” on the top SEARCH BOX of the page to read about my blogs on stem cell with autism. Contact us if you need more info!

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