HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy for Body, Mind and Matter Success

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT, is a successful therapy for treating autism and is used by many DAN! physicians, in conjunction with other biomedical approaches.

Most DAN! physicians know about this amazing therapy, but few share the news with others.

As a DAN! physician, I credit the advanced technology of  HBOT with the numerous successes and breakthroughs I have had with autism cases and for assisting me in my personal and professional growth. HBOT has given me a more thorough understanding of autism, a multi-factorial ‘disease’.  I want to now extend the same opportunity to you, by offering you three choices of HBOT care to fit both your budget and lifestyle.

Autism is a treatable disease

As more research is poured into HBOT, more breakthroughs are discovered and more studies confirm that HBOT is indeed effective in battling autism, that autism is a treatable disease. But this has had its downside for those parents who want to benefit from what Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can do for their children…

HBOT Equipment is in Short Supply

As a doctor, my clinical schedule has become increasingly more demanding as more and more clients benefit from what HBOT can do.

In short, I recommend that you give your child a chance to try the healing power of HBOT now… you won’t look back.

We offer three opportunities to you so that you too can benefit from HBOT treatment, to see for yourself the help it can be for autism.

Choose from one of the following options for more information:


Buy your own HBOT Chamber

For even better value and greater savings than renting an HBOT chamber, why not buy an HBOT chamber outright and start owning it from the first use? You will get all the technical support you need from the manufacturer and all the clinical support you need from us at the clinic. Ownership of your own HBOT chamber gives your child access to this fantastic biomedical treatment at all times, allowing clinical gains and improvements to be maximized.

Why buy from NewAutism? Just look at the benefits:

  • FREE shipping and handling for any size chamber throughout the whole of the USA – saving you between $225 and $400! For international orders, we give you a credit equivalent to our domestic rate.
  • Upgraded compressor ($1500 value) when you buy the Luxury Double Model.
  • Pack of accessories ($400 value) when you buy the Luxury Double Model.
  • No surprises – An all-inclusive price with no nasty surprises.
  • We can also modify the chamber to adapt to any kind of voltage requirement – just ask!
  • Full manufacturer support and full clinical support.
  • We are a clinic, not a shop or supplier, and so can give you all the advice you need on maximizing clinical gains.



Rental Ownership

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of HBOT treatment at home. Our rental ownership program enables you to control when your child has a HBOT session, rather than having to run your life around appointments and traveling to a doctor’s office. Just perfect for the child who likes the home environment and doesn’t like change!

Research into the use of HBOT in autism spectrum disorders is still ongoing and there is still no indication as to when your child should stop using HBOT. What we do know, though, is that HBOT has a cumulative effect on the body and that the longer the program, the better and more long-lasting the results. It is therefore advisable to have access to HBOT at all times, and this is what our rental ownership program allows your child to have. PLUS after 6 months of renting the chamber, it’s yours to keep forever!




HBOT Treatment in our Office

This is an in-office based treatment program which is aimed specifically at those living locally or those who can travel to our office in Algonquin, Illinois. In-office treatment will allow you to add this recommended DAN! Protocol biomedical treatment to your child’s current therapy program and to enjoy the success that it offers.

For the best results, I recommend a program of 40 sessions for under 5s, and between 80 and 120 sessions for older children. Simply choose your quantity of 40 sessions at check-out.

All of these session programs will include an initial consultation to set your treatment goals and to evaluate your child using psychological profile tests (SRS, CARS and ATEC).