Frequently Asked Questions that Parents of Autistic Children Have

1. What Is Autism?Autism is one disorder in a group of developmental disorders known as Autism Spectrum Disorders, or ASD’s. Other ASD’s include Asperger’s and Rett Syndrome.

2. What Are the Signs of Autism?

There are many behaviors that are associated with Autism. The three main signs of Autism are impaired social interactions, problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors.

3. How Is Autism Diagnosed?

Diagnosis relies on parental interview, as well as the presence of observable Autistic behaviors while the child is in the office. ASD’s are complex disorders that require a multi-professional approach to diagnose. An evaluation will include a child psychologist, a speech therapist, and a developmental therapist looking for markers of Autism.

4. What Causes Autism?

Doctors are not sure what causes Autism at this time, but suspect that both genetics and environmental factors play a role.

5. What Treatments Are Available?

There is no cure for Autism, but there are several treatments. Treatments for Autism include educational and behavioral interventions, including play therapy and speech therapy. Medications are also available for the treatment of Autism. Doctors often prescribe antidepressants to manage the symptoms of Autism, but an increasing number of doctors are prescribing or recommending natural treatments for Autism. One such treatment is the use of an Omega-3 supplement.

6. How Can Omega-3s Help Autism?

Children with ASD’s are often lacking in Omega-3s, and Omega-3 therapy may ease the symptoms of Autism. Omega-3 supplementation has also been proven to improve sociability and reduce irritability.


  1. admin says

    Hi Ufuk, pardon me for not understanding you but are you referring to dopamine? Low level is most common presentation and symptoms are felings of hopelessness, anager and aggression under stress, isolation, distracted easily,and need stimulant. The brain cannot make dopamine easily since the base ingredient is tyrosine which comes from diet and transported via insulin surge. The main obstruction for this pathway is dysglycemia, anemia, dysbiosis and even liver disese. Hope this answer your question else let me know again.

  2. Mohammad says

    I have 2 kids 9 & 7 years old,both of them had been diagnosis with Autism,what is the scientific explanation in this case?

  3. admin says

    Hi Mohammad, this could be a debate of environmental versus genetic. Let me explain. If it is environmental then I would guess the incidents have to do with mom’s state of health and the delivery process (post-natal care eg. vaccination, baby formula, early solid food introduction). The mother’s health before, during and after (if breastfeeding) is important. In contrast, a genetic prediposition can occur if family medical history has auto-immune, and methylation or detoxification pathway failure. Some research indicated that autism is triggered by immune system attacking the brain during fetal development or if male (testosterone) can increase absorption of mercury from mother’s body.

  4. eli says

    No one can be sure what really cause autism ,but after reading mohammad post i thanks god for having two non-autistic children after getting one. just to tell you that for all three of them i have done the same either during or after the pregnancy. So excuse me if i can’t accept any of above reasons for autism accruing. i just deeply feel this has been somehow the mistake of the medical team in the time of delivery. Something has gone wrong the time i had no control of the situation on my labor time. Perhaps lack of oxygen, a birth trauma or any other medical fault. it will come out one day in future but who will answer to the autistic population whom gonna be born by that time!

  5. Annie says

    I too agree with eli.
    My son was delivered via vacuuming process as it was difficult. He had a cone shaped head for a few months. He was chatty in making sounds but could never speak properly or clearly.
    Now he is going to intervention classes and shows great frustrations when he tries so hard to communicate to us his way and we not being able to reciprocate. He respond well to Barney shows on tv and games on the pc as well.
    What is there else to try?

  6. admin says

    Hi Annie, you asked “what is there else to try?” besides “intervention classes” and “Barney shows on tv and games…”. First, it depends on whether you are interested in knwoing if your son has any metabolic issues resulting then you would need to do some biomedical testing. After that you should look for craniosacral therapist to balance his CNS, and then try the speech therapy. If all else fails then do Brain-based Therapy. Just Google for it.

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