Flu Season and Autism


As another flu season quickly approaches us, masses will flock to their local doctor’s office and pharmacies to get the flu shot. With the economy the way it is, no one can afford to miss a day of work. With education as important as it is, children can’t afford to miss a day of school. However, with the dangers that can come along with getting a flu shot, can you afford to risk the health of your child? Especially if they have Autism?

Commercials, doctor’s offices and advertisements are urging Americans to rush out and get the flu shot. Other countries, such as Australia, Finland, and Sweden have either banned the flu shot, or at the very least opened up investigations to their danger. Sweden launched an investigation into the link between nacrolepsy and the swine flu vaccine after several reports of adverse reactions in children were made.

One of the primary ingredients in the Flu Shot is Thermisol; a mercury based preservative. In many of our blogs here, we visit the subject of chelation, that is, the removal of toxic heavy metals from the autistic body. It has already been determined that Mercury and many of its forms can cause Autism and other neurological disorders just as the flu itself does. We spend time and research on finding ways to rid the body of such heavy metals, and the Flu Shot directly injects it.

So, is it worth getting the shot?

This ends up what your own personal preferences are. Do you avoid the shot and pray that your child does not get the very risky flu? Or, do you chance getting the shot and play Russian Roulette with whether or not your child will suffer very detrimental health effects? Unfortunately, we don’t have a definitive answer for you. What we can say, is to be sure you ask your doctor (or even more than one doctor) what their honest suggestion is regarding your Autistic child receiving the shot.

Last year, we met Melissa, a woman who went to the Emergency Room and received a Tetanus shot. It is believed that as an effect of this routine vaccine, that Melissa almost died when her body rejected it. The doctors told her it was routine, she believed it to be routine, but then this routine vaccine ended up nearly costing Melissa her life.

Know the risks. Understand the potential outcomes.


  1. Mom2ASD says

    Thanks for your courage in posting the truth where the main stream medical establishment would hide it for fear of retaliation from the profitable pharmaceutical industry.

  2. Minouchka Michelat says

    Je pense qu’il est trop tard pour mon fils autiste : le centre qui l’héberge a dû certainement faire faire les vaccins contre la grippe + grippe H1N1. Quelle quantité de comprimés chélation est préconisée dans ce cas ? Pourriez-vous me répondre ?
    Je lui ai donné dajà, il y a plusieurs mois, des comprimés de Chlorela (chelation). Devrai-je lui en donner encore, combien de temps et quelle quantité ?
    Merci de me répondre.

  3. says

    thank you admin, but please tell me what does that mean biochemically evaluated? Is the hair analysis the best answer for my 6 year child who has a grey hair recently? thank you?

  4. Sahar says

    Thanks for the advice. We can afford to skip the flu vaccine, but what do you suggest for the important ones for children who still need to take their boosters of MMR and hapatitis, etc… ?? How do we know the medical provider is telling the truth or even is aware of the percentage of mercury available in those vaccines they administer to our children?? It is a very difficult dilemma, knowing that it is harmful, and having no option but to concede in fear of getting a disease worse than autism!!! Thank you for your great website giving us hope.

  5. admin says

    Salut Minouchka, malheureusement, la plupart des gens jeunes et vieux en se faisant vacciner contenant du mercure, mais le plus important est que vous le reconnaître et prendre des mesures pour aider votre fils. Dans mon expérience clinique, j’ai entendu parler d’un produit appelé OSR # 1 que je n’ai blog à ce sujet plus tôt que font très bien pour le mercure. Sinon, essayez de chercher des chlorella, coriandre, DMPS, EDTA-Ca et la posologie est fonction du poids et les types / sortes de médicaments. Je suis désolé je ne peux pas vous en dire beaucoup.

  6. admin says

    Hi Figo, for now your best bet is the Hair Element test and your routine blood chemistry test (pay attention to thyroid, lipid panel, liver enzymes and your blood electrolytes). You need help, call us.

  7. admin says

    Hi Sahar, I would blog about the revised vaccination schedule soon for your understanding. Normally, if you could find out the batch lot no. of the vaccine or more info about its existence, you could contact National Vaccine Information Center to see if it contains mercury or other heavy metals. Get more knowledge about each vaccine usefulness and then weigh its pros and cons. An example, the hepatitis shot use for protection against liver damage via having sex, shared needles as among drug users and contact with serum.

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