Enhanced Biofilm Protocol – Perfecting the Process


For those of you new readers here, or even parents who are new to the Autism world, Biofilm may be something you’ve never heard of. Don’t worry, the majority of parents that come into our office aren’t sure what it is either, but once it’s explained, they completely understand. Over the last few years, Dr. Wong has been working hard at perfecting testing and treatment of Biofilm, more commonly called Biofilm Protocol, and has come up with an improved process.

Before we get into this new process, let’s do a little review. In one of our previous posts, we explained that Biofilm is more easily thought of as slime. This slime, or biofilm can exist and thrive wherever there is water, from the bathroom counter to your teeth (think: dental plaque) to the gut of living mammals including humans. You might even be able to catch a glimpse of some biofilm as that sticky, green stuff clinging to pipes and plumbing.

About 99 precent of bacteria live in biofilm communities. Of course, not all bacteria is bad. Some bacteria’s primary function is to kill other, more damaging bacteria. More commonly though, we know about the bad bacteria that can do things like corrode pipes and invade our bodies and make us sick, or even causing bodies to reject medical implants.

Whenever we have an infection or some sort, we typically go to the doctor and they prescribe us an antibiotic that starts working immediately and attacking bacteria in our bodies that are making us ill. However, biofilm is a very intelligent thing. Some biofilm resists antibiotics and medicines, and continues thriving despite intense attempts at destroying it. It’s also important to note that depending on the environment, biofilm can form in as little as 30 seconds, to several weeks.

The makings of biofilm were closely studied and it was found that biofilm builds itself a protective matrix utilizing iron, magnesium and calcium. Once this was broken down using Chelation, heavy metals were released into the bowel. Prior to the chelation, the bowel tested sometimes negatively to having toxic metals. This shows that the biofilm itself is in a sense hiding metals.

Dr Wong’s New Findings:

Based on observation of the Blood Chemistry (a blood test) of those affected individuals they are always deficiencies in Calcium and Vitamin D.  Most of them are always having a detoxification issues via their livers and are always eating “white goods” – such as refined carbohydrates.  Dr. Wong’s modified enhanced biofilm protocol now includes calcium and vitamin D supplements.  Additionally the child is given a check-up on their Ileocecal valve and Houston valve.  If the valves are defective, they are fixed using manual correction or acupressure technique.  To confirm deficiences, the Blood Chemistry Test is ran again.

Next week, we’re going to take a close look at Dr. Wong’s Biofilm Protocol.We’re putting together an easy to understand guide on the new Enhanced Biofilm Protocol, and we’re going to be sharing that with you!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. says

    Dear Dr. Wong,

    I read with great interest your article re: biofilm. I did some internet/website research reading a few years ago because I continued to have bladder infections. Despite a 3-month in-depth testing protocol by a urologist who finally concluded that he didn’t know why I continued to get these bladder infections, I continued to come up with a bladder infection about every 6 weeks. That’s when I began research the “research” on bladder infections, followed the trail which led me to learn about biofilm. I didn’t know about chelation; I just began to eat an alkaline diet, no processed foods, my own anti yeast overgrowth protocol. That’s been about five years ago. Only one bladder infection during these past 5 years. For myself, my individual and unique to me way of life has blessed me (in practice yoga and teach yoga as well, with some ayurvedic interventions, i.e., chakra balancing, dosha balancing). I applaud you and your research; biolfilm is very sneaky enemy, very dangerous…I love your articles and your continued research about autism.

    with much respect, blessings, namaste,

    Terry Anne Rogers, M.Ed.

  2. Reem says

    Please inform us more about treatment of this biofilm. Is curcumin really helpful?

  3. admin says

    Dear Reem, I have been researching the different types of curcumin out there and realized that the method of delivery is equally important whether to the GI system or to the brain. In my office, I have often used the regular kind for anti-inflammation and muscle spasm but however, I discovered it is very difficult (unstable in stomach acid) to get them into the brain. I found a company in USa which made the active form, C3 complex in nanotechnology which can potentially reach the brain to help with inflammation here. Let me know if you are interested to get some.


    Hi Dr.,

    this is so interesting …..

    can u mail me some important possible causes for child with autism……..

  5. admin says

    Hi Mrs. Maharaj, please feel free to peruse this blog as I got tons of information which can help you to understand about the causes of child autism.

  6. dr.gamal abdel nasser says

    this is so interesting …..

    can u mail me some important possible causes for child with autism…

  7. admin says

    Hi Dr. Nasser, the condition ‘autism’ does not have a single causation although sometimes, it could (GI, heavy metals). It is most likely a combination of events (methylation, low cholesterol, hormonal, vaccinations, poor gut health) and depend on the individual’s health response and even biochemical responses. If you peruse my website and do a search I have discussed some causation here. Hope this helps and thank you for your patronage.

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