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Simply searching for biofilms using Google brings you to page after page of medical jargon. Since it’s a medical term, this isn’t surprising, but what about those who don’t have an MD after our name? How are we expected to know what biofilm is? Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? What does it have to do with Autism and why is there a specific Biofilm Protocol that people are talking about?

Sit tight, let’s take a layman’s look at what all of this means.

Okay, so what exactly is Biofilm – minus the big words?

Let’s get the basics right out of the way. Biofilm is more easily thought of as slime. This slime, or biofilm can exist and thrive wherever there is water, from the bathroom counter to your teeth (think: dental plaque) to the gut of living mammals including humans. You might even be able to catch a glimpse of some biofilm as that sticky, green stuff clinging to pipes and plumbing.

About 99 precent of bacteria live in biofilm communities. Of course, not all bacteria is bad. Some bacteria’s primary function is to kill other, more damaging bacteria. More commonly though, we know about the bad bacteria that can do things like corrode pipes and invade our bodies and make us sick, or even causing bodies to reject medical implants.

Whenever we have an infection or some sort, we typically go to the doctor and they prescribe us an antibiotic that starts working immediately and attacking bacteria in our bodies that are making us ill. However, biofilm is a very intelligent thing. Some biofilm resists antibiotics and medicines, and continues thriving despite intense attempts at destroying it. It’s also important to note that depending on the environment, biofilm can form in as little as 30 seconds, to several weeks.

How Does Biofilm Relate to Autism?

You’ve heard it all before – toxic metals being evidenced to Autism. Many treatments for Autism target the removal of existing toxic metals in the body and avoiding putting additional toxins in the body.

Only recently did people begin taking a closer look at what biofilm is actually made of.  Biofilm builds itself a protective matrix in order to thrive inside of. It’s general knowledge that to build that matrix, biofilm utilizes iron, magnesium and calcium. Peta Cohen mentions this almost like building a wall: you not only want bricks, you also need cement to hold it all together. The minerals provide the “cement” that biofilm needs to hold its matrix together.

When biofilm began to be broken down using a proper order of processes including chelation, there were huge releases of toxic metals into the bowel.  Prior to doing to conducting the breakdown of Biofilm, however, the stool cultures didn’t show abnormal levels of toxic metals. This may be because biofilm is intelligent, and as we said, builds up it’s matrix of protection. It isn’t until you break down that matrix and get to the heart of the matter that you find the toxic metals living inside.

What Can We Do?

Next week we’re going to look at Biofilm Protocol and what many are finding to find to be a very successful form of Autism treatment.


  1. Nuha says

    thanks for your valuble information about autism. please provide me (if its posable) the new autistic behavior chicklist, like CARS and ABC . thank you again

  2. danila says




  3. admin says

    Hi Danila, before attempting to remove heavy metals, it is best to check to make sure your GI is healthy enough and the try do general screening via hair analysis then follow by some sort of challenge using an agent. Contact us for more info.

  4. awa says

    thank u for this wonderful subject but i want more information about this biofilm n thanks again 4 this information u are realy helping us

  5. Nuha says

    thank you very much.
    please – can you send to me autism diagnostic sheet like -abc, cars, for realy evaluation of autism
    thank you again

  6. says

    my cild is 6 years old and he has to do the vaccine. But if he has heavy metals like tou say than I should’n do this vaccine. what do you recomand me. And is it right that he must do the analysis of DNA
    by hair to make shure that he has heavy metals. Or otherwise tell me what analysis should I do to him because till now I haven’t done none.

  7. admin says

    Hi Figo, first get a general assessment of heavy metals via hair elements screen before making any drastic decisions. Contact us if you need help as our email is on the website.

  8. admin says

    Hi Clark, technically, biofilm can happens anyway in the body including the bladder but I suspect that those in the bladder is probably very weak. To get rid of the biofilm in the bladder is difficult but try fixing the GI system, improving the immune system and doing oxalates diet.

  9. Nick says

    Hello, my 18 month old was diagnosed with autism after he had a severe regression at 12 months. He lost all motor skills and milestones. First he was ill with an ear infection and a strange yeast infection around his mouth,eyes and nose. Then our pediatrician gave him three shots in one setting (MMR) before we could even react. My wife has long suspected heavy metal poisoning as a main culprit in Ethan’s regression. Who does the hair testing? Is it fairly common to test for heavy metals in the hair. What are the risks involved in treatment? We are seeing a DAN doctor and I am happy to say that Ethan has regained many of his milestones and is almost where he needs to be. Obviously we will ask our doctor these same questions but another opinion is always a good thing. Thank you for all you do.

  10. admin says

    You have done well by taking your son to a DAN physician and we are happy to hear your son is progressing and reaching important
    milestones. Your story is similar to so many children with autism. Vaccinations during an illness is definately not recommended.
    The Heavy Metals Hair Analysis test is a good tool for evaluating heavy metals.
    The test is simply clipping 1 oz of hair ( cut closely to the scalp) and sent into the lab for analysis.
    Should your doctor decide on chelation of heavy metals it is not recommended to do I.V. chelation on children, since it is too harsh for their system.
    There are other methods you can discuss with your doctor which are more appropriate and milder for children.
    The purpose of DAN! is to avoid meds that have harmful side effects and instead treat your
    child with safe natural supplements and diet. Keep up the good work and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact our
    office 847-854-8052 or email my assistant at
    We are always happy to help.

  11. allan says


    Thank you very much for sharing valuable information in you site.
    I am a father of a six year old son with Autism. For the past 6 years i have been on the sideline watching my wife doing all the work and worries about our son. At the back of my mind I have to do something. My son experienced the same eye ear nose and bad stomach from 2 years old til 4 or 5. He was given probiotics and allergies seem to be controlled. I suspect that there must be some toxins within his system. Heavy metal Hair Analysis Test is good to know. But After that, I am not sure where to go.
    Biofilm sound very interesting to me . I am from the Philippines and I am not sure if I can get the right people connected with your network. Pls help.


  12. admin says

    Hi Allan, it is a lots of work for your wife to do it alone to help your son, and please support her however. I could help you achieve faster results if you like. Just contact us.

  13. Necitas Casalan says

    My name is Necy from Philippines.I am interested with this Biofilm Protocol for my autistic son who is already 14 yrs. old but I do not know where to go and how I will start.Please help!

  14. ann marie setz says

    we need a DAN doctor for my grandson. Jacob is 12yrs old and has moderate autism. we reside in san diego. CA . So far we have not been able to find a dan doctor for jacob locally.Please help us! Thank you so very much.

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