The important issues of Nagalase activity in ASD


Recent research has shown a strong correlation between Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and immune dysfunction. Nagalase, an immune system regulator, has been known to be overly active in many people with ASD. This association has already become a promising avenue of investigation.

The importance of immunological control
In order to manage a broad range of defensive tasks, the immune system requires multi-leveled and complex control mechanisms. If these regulatory mechanisms go awry for any reason, a multitude of disease states can develop. Allergies, Multiple Sclerosis and some types of diabetes are a few of the many disorders known to arise due to imbalanced immune regulation.

Nagalase (alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase) is an enzyme that functions as one factor in immune regulation and has been noted to be overly abundant in certain states of immune system malfunction and ASD. The normal role of nagalase is to inactivate a protein found in the blood that is responsible for activating macrophages. These important cells of the immune system are insufficiently activated when nagalase activity is excessive.

The potential for GcMAF therapy
Macrophage activating factor (GcMAF), another naturally occurring blood protein, also works to stimulate macrophages. Administered therapeutically, GcMAF has been shown in numerous human studies to be effective at enhancing immune functioning and decreasing nagalase activity.

New research providing ASD patients with GcMAF therapy has shown similar immunological improvements with little to no side effects. Most importantly, cognitive, social and language skills all showed substantial improvement during the therapy. These ground-breaking results make GcMAF an important and promising potential treatment for ASD.

How a Healthy Gut Can Help Children with Autism

Balancing the microbes in the gut can lead to improved digestion, stronger immunity and overall better health. The flora of the gut of a child can be disrupted by things such as antibiotics, mom having a c-section, drugs, processed foods, infections and digestive issues.  What is important for healthy gut repair is a regime that includes many, many different strains of good bacteria.  Probiotics, healthy bacteria, that include multiple strains and between 10 – 50 billion per dose should be administered. These probiotics will function to repair the gut and prevent harmful microbes like yeast or clostridia from over-populating.

The healing process of the gut is so important because the digestive tract is responsible for making the majority of serotonin in the body and helps to produce and regulate dopamine. Both of these neurotrasmitters are out of balance in children with autism. Also important is the gut’s responsibility for regulating inflammation and supporting healthy immune function.

A large number of children with autism have digestive issues. The gut is important in regulating inflammation and according to recent research, it is believed that autism is an inflammatory issue.  An effective regime that involves healing the gut can have a dramatic role in decreasing the inflammatory load and show remarkable progress in helping children recover language, social and cognitive function.

A Closer Look at the DAN! Protocol

Standard autism treatments focus on behavior modification techniques, improving developmental delays, speech-language therapy and learning to cope with sensory issues. While these therapies can improve the quality of life for a child with autism, they do nothing about the underlying medical conditions and imbalances that challenge an autistic child’s daily life. The Dan! Protocol is a medical intervention that seeks to correct the physical issues not addressed by traditional autism therapies.

The Dan! Protocol’s overwhelming success comes from its unique, individualized approach as well as its biomedical focus. Since treatment is always preceded by extensive lab work, a Dan! doctor knows the biological deficiencies, imbalances and maladaptive responses for each child before an individualized treatment plan is designed and implemented.

There is not a standard protocol for every child. While many autistic children have similar medical issues such as food intolerances, digestive problems, yeast overgrowth and vitamin or mineral deficiencies, children are always treated according to their individual lab tests. For one child that might mean a gluten-free casein-free diet, digestive enzymes and probiotics to help restore intestinal bacteria balance. Another child might need a strong vitamin and mineral supplement, mb-12 injections, IV glutathione and other chelation methods to address a high level of heavy metals in the body.

Each treatment method has a specific medical reason for being used. Yeast overgrowth impairs digestion and creates malnutrition. Food intolerances cause inflammation, absorption issues and pain. When you correct an autistic child’s medical problems, many undesirable behaviors automatically improve.

Treating Behavioral Issues in Autism Part I: Causes


Behavioral issues such as short attention span and being short tempered are very common in children with Autism. Because Autism itself is such an intense and intricate disorder, it’s very difficult to give one ‘cure-all’ for every child.

I heard a quote the other day: “If you’ve met one child with Autism, you’ve met one child with Autism.” That is, every single child who has Autism is different. Autism is one of the Spectrum distorders, meaning there are MANY variations. Because of this, there isn’t one answer.

The key to finding a way to help the issue is to pinpoint the problem. Why does your child have a short attention span? Is it a chemical imbalance? Are they lacking vitamins and minerals? A complete workup would be a good idea to obtain so you can get a good idea of where your child’s chemicals stand.

This week, we will look at a few possible reasons that your child may be experiencing short attention span and behavioral issues:

Chemical Imbalance:

Chemical imbalances are the cause of many conditions including depression. If the brain is not making enough of the “juice” it needs to keep moving, then it will not function properly.

Methylation is more simply the producer of glutathione in the body. It is a known fact that people who have lower bodily production of glutathione have a greater experience with disorders such as depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and even Autism!

Glutathione is essential for protecting the body’s cells from toxins. It’s almost like a protective barrier. If your body doesn’t produce it, or the body doesn’t produce enough, then cells cannot function properly. Glutathione is an anti-oxidant and is responsible for focus and attention. So, surely you can see that a lack of this anti-oxidant would cause less-focus.

Poor / Ineffective Diet

Any kind of food sensitivity must be diagnosed and treated. The purpose of food is to create energy for the brain and body to function properly. However, if there is a sensitivity to a food, then it does the exact opposite to the body. Think about the effects of coffee on the body. Many of us consume coffee for an extra jolt in the morning. Think about if your body was sensitive to Apples – you might eat an apple in the evening as a snack, but the way your body processes it causes you to have an adverse reaction that gives you a jolt. Make sense?  It’s important that a diet be managed properly.



Allergies can and do go hand in hand with diet sometimes. However, many other naturally existing substances can cause allergies and can contribute to having poor focus and inability to remain centered in thought. It can also be responsible for short tempers and other Austism Symptoms.

Once you diagnose where the problem lies, you can begin to move onto treatments of the potential cause. Next week we will look at some ways you can treat these chemical and allergens in order to help your child’s behavior / short attention span.

Effective Tests That Accurately Detect Gluten Sensitivity

Last week, we talked about the good chance that your Gluten Sensitivity test may be inaccurate as it does not test for all potential sensitivities. Gluten is a very complicated substance, especially during digestion. Because it is broken down a number of times, into many different compounds, in order for all potential sensitivities to be detected, the test must be able to pick up on them. The typical Celiac Panel test that is done at a traditional laboratory is not able to do so.

The traditional Celiac Panel test requires the patient to be on a Gluten Diet in order to be re-tested. And even the second test provides a false-negative quite often.

So, how does one accurately detect Gluten sensitivity?


Gluten/Antigenic Food Sensitivity and Gene Panel Stool Test

There is a Stool Gluten Analysis that accurately detects specific excrement that the body is releasing and not absorbing. One of the tests that we offer here at New Autism is the DNA Stool Analysis test. This Stool Gluten Analysis test is included in this test.

Anyway, here is one test?

This panel is the best value for the money and really, the overall best panel to order. We are offering four stool tests and a gene test for the price many labs charge for the gene test alone. Gluten, cow’s milk, chicken eggs, and soy are the most immune-stimulating (antigenic) foods consumed in large quantities. Food sensitivity is now a very common entity because heightened activity of our immune systems [caused by a) immune-stimulating hormones and toxins in food, water, and, air, b) genetic modification of our main foodstuffs (extensive hybridization of wheat, laboratory genetic modification of soy beans, corn, and other foods), c) altered intestinal flora from extensive use of antibiotics by humans, in agriculture, and chlorine in water, d) overuse of drugs inhibiting secretion of digestive acid in the stomach, and e) for the past 50-100 years, overly sanitized conditions when infants and children are developing proper immune tolerances] has rendered most of our main protein-rich foodstuffs highly antigenic. Stool testing is the most sensitive measure of these types of reactions (much more accurate than blood, skin, or saliva testing).”

Why identify the genes controlling gluten/food sensitivity? Adding a gene test helps in the assessment of the genetic predisposition of these immune reactions, that not only can help gauge severity in the individual being tested (having two such genes rather than one, rather than none), but also the probability of these reactions being present in parents, siblings, and children. Also, the probability of having celiac disease vs. non-celiac gluten sensitivity in each of these three generations can also be determined, and the absence of a celiac gene all but rules out having celiac disease in the individual tested.

Doctor Wong offers this test for $759 / €759 and along with the test, Dr. Wong also includes courier, shipping and handling fees, complete interpretation and analysis, and a follow up consultation fee where Dr. Wong will give you the steps you need to begin repairing the body.

This test is available both in the USA as well as internationally.

Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity & Autoimmunity test (Cyrex Array 3)

This test detects over 20 Proteomins that are indicators of Gluten sensitivity. This test package costs $715 and includes not only the test but Dr. Wong’s complete analysis, Shipping and Handling, and a followup consultation.  Last week, I discussed about the different components of gluten breakdown which this test can be useful for.

This test is only available in the USA 


Tests for immunologic reaction to the four primary individual food antigens and four additional antigenic food categories including and upto 184 allergens: Gluten, Milk, Egg, Soy, Other Grains (corn, rice, oats), Meats (beef, chicken, pork, tuna), Nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts), and Nightshades (eg. white potato).

Dr. Wong offers this test package for $590 / €590 and as with all of his test packages, it includes the test, courier, shipping and handling, personal analysis, and followup consultation with Dr. Wong.


If you are interested in any of these tests to accurately test your child for Gluten Sensitivity, please leave a comment below and we’ll get you all of the information you need.

Something to look forward to: We’re updating our store to make it even easier to get all of the tools you need! Stay tuned!

Enhanced Biofilm Protocol – Perfecting the Process


For those of you new readers here, or even parents who are new to the Autism world, Biofilm may be something you’ve never heard of. Don’t worry, the majority of parents that come into our office aren’t sure what it is either, but once it’s explained, they completely understand. Over the last few years, Dr. Wong has been working hard at perfecting testing and treatment of Biofilm, more commonly called Biofilm Protocol, and has come up with an improved process.

Before we get into this new process, let’s do a little review. In one of our previous posts, we explained that Biofilm is more easily thought of as slime. This slime, or biofilm can exist and thrive wherever there is water, from the bathroom counter to your teeth (think: dental plaque) to the gut of living mammals including humans. You might even be able to catch a glimpse of some biofilm as that sticky, green stuff clinging to pipes and plumbing.

About 99 precent of bacteria live in biofilm communities. Of course, not all bacteria is bad. Some bacteria’s primary function is to kill other, more damaging bacteria. More commonly though, we know about the bad bacteria that can do things like corrode pipes and invade our bodies and make us sick, or even causing bodies to reject medical implants.

Whenever we have an infection or some sort, we typically go to the doctor and they prescribe us an antibiotic that starts working immediately and attacking bacteria in our bodies that are making us ill. However, biofilm is a very intelligent thing. Some biofilm resists antibiotics and medicines, and continues thriving despite intense attempts at destroying it. It’s also important to note that depending on the environment, biofilm can form in as little as 30 seconds, to several weeks.

The makings of biofilm were closely studied and it was found that biofilm builds itself a protective matrix utilizing iron, magnesium and calcium. Once this was broken down using Chelation, heavy metals were released into the bowel. Prior to the chelation, the bowel tested sometimes negatively to having toxic metals. This shows that the biofilm itself is in a sense hiding metals.

Dr Wong’s New Findings:

Based on observation of the Blood Chemistry (a blood test) of those affected individuals they are always deficiencies in Calcium and Vitamin D.  Most of them are always having a detoxification issues via their livers and are always eating “white goods” – such as refined carbohydrates.  Dr. Wong’s modified enhanced biofilm protocol now includes calcium and vitamin D supplements.  Additionally the child is given a check-up on their Ileocecal valve and Houston valve.  If the valves are defective, they are fixed using manual correction or acupressure technique.  To confirm deficiences, the Blood Chemistry Test is ran again.

Next week, we’re going to take a close look at Dr. Wong’s Biofilm Protocol.We’re putting together an easy to understand guide on the new Enhanced Biofilm Protocol, and we’re going to be sharing that with you!

Have a wonderful week!

Study Shows Link Between The Brain Function of Autistic Children and Their Siblings


One of the known symptoms of Autism is for those with the disorder to have difficulty reading facial expressions of other people. A recent study has suggested, however that siblings of those with Autism show a similar lack of activity in the area of the brain that controls empathy. Researchers suggest that this may be a helpful biomarker for identifying the cause of Autism.

Just this month, Science Daily published an article about this study. Dr. Michael Spencer led this study and says: “The findings provide a springboard to investigate what specific genes are associated with this biomarker. The brain’s response to facial emotion could be a fundamental building block in causing autism and its associated difficulties.”

Previously, studies have shown that the brains of children with Autism process facial expressions differently than the ‘normal’ brain. This study was the first time that the connection between Autistic children and their siblings. Both show a lack of activity when reading others’ facial expressions. The siblings had no signs of Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, however they had a lower activity in the areas of the brain that enables us to read facial expressions and controls empathy than those who had no familial connection to Autism.

The only control that differed in the study was whether the non-Autism sibling had a sibling with Autism, it can possibly indicate that the differences can be due to the gene that causes the child to be at a genetic risk for Autism. How is it though, that only one sibling has Autism and the other doesn’t? It is known that in a family that has one child with Autism, the likelihood of having another child with Autism is 20x higher. However what about these families’ differed to where one child did not develop Autism?

Dr. Spencer says:   “It is likely that in the sibling who develops autism additional as yet unknown steps — such as further genetic, brain structure or function differences — take place to cause autism.”

It’s questions like these that Dr. Spencer’s team is looking at. Finding this similarity puts us one step closer to finding the true cause of Autism. While we’re sure of certain diets, habits, and environmental factors that can trigger symptoms of Autism, the cause of Autism is a step in the right direction of finding a cure.

We’re keeping our eye on this one. Stay tuned for news as we get it!

Body Detox Part III: Body Repair Methods


Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed the toxic body of Autistic children. We’ve talked about the sources of these toxins, as well as ways to detoxify or rid the body of these toxins. Once it is found that the body is indeed toxin infected, and the body is cleaned of these toxins, the next step is to “rebuild” or “repair” the body from the damage that was done to it.

This is something that is particularly studied in Biomedical treatments.

Biomedical Treatments is based upon the belief that the neurological symptoms experienced are the direct result of the physical ailments that children are having, and if the physical is treated, a great deal of symptoms can be alleviated. The main steps in a Biomedical Treatment are:

1. Decrease the level of toxins

2.Help the stomach to heal

3. Increase nutrients

4. Get rid of metals and other toxins.

It is believed that once these things are achieved, the neurological impairments will greatly improve. The most important and in depth step is the first step — Decrease the level of toxins.There are numerous things that are toxic to the body, and as many, if not all must be removed in order to achieve the greatest results. The things that can and should be removed are both dietary and environmental.

  • From a diet aspect:  gluten, dairy, allergens, and bad sugars should all be removed from the diet.
  • Household cleaners should be removed and replaced with natural forms.
  • If your child needs dental work, be sure not to have silver fillings put in their mouths, as they contain mercury.
  • Add a Hepa Air Filter to your child’s room.
  • Ensure that any vaccinations that need to be given are Thimerosal free.
  • Use a fluoride-free toothpaste

From here, it’s necessary to allow and assist the damages already infringed on the body to heal. This is often helpful if a combination of  vitamins are used. Cod Liver Oil, for example has a necessary level of Vitamin A and also aids in the repairing of intestinal walls. It’s also essential to use digestive enzymes and Colostrum (a stomach healing natural supplement) to better help in the body’s repair.

Also important is to keep the level of nutrients up by giving a sufficient level of Vitamins (A, D, B, Zinc, etc.) in order for the body to not only heal, but become stronger. To restore your child to good health, getting the toxins out via detoxification is helpful. There are natural detoxifiers as well as medicinal technique (Chelation therapy).

Bottom line, Biomedical Treatment is still being tested among Autism and Neurological Disorder patients. There  are many success stories. There are also doctors who believe that this method does not work, as they had no success with it. It’s important to keep in mind that the diets of children are traditionally very poor due to the Americanized diet. With that in mind, the removal of the poor diet and repairing of the body may take a little longer than expected due to the damages in the body.

Body Detox Part II: Detoxification Methods


82% of All Chronic Degenerative Diseases are Caused by Environmental Exposure to TOXIC METALS.” –World

Health Organization 1974

Sure, 1974 was nearly 40 years ago (can you believe it?), but the World Health Organization knew was was happening way back when. This was well before the huge Environmental or “Green” movement that is so common now. The environment

is still a very toxic place, which we clearly laid out last week. You might remember that we shared a lot of places where environmental toxins exist, some of which you might not even have been aware of.

When a child is diagnosed with Autism, it is typically considered to be a behavioral disorder, which in a sense, it absolutely is. Further testing on Autistic bodies have found that many have toxic levels of metals in them. Others have a lack of minerals and vitamins that are essential for proper immune system function. A lot of these deficiencies can be caused be the pollutants that are consumed.

The first step of clearing up a toxic body is knowing that the problem exists. (Remember, Dr. Chun Wong is offering an

amazing deal on his Hair Analysis Test which comes complete with a full written report as well as a Skype or Phone Consultation with Dr. Wong. Check out the special we’re having for our readers here).

After the problem is detected, and before the body is repaired and restored, the toxins must be removed from the body. Detoxifying is an essential part of the healing process. You can’t just simply put healthy vitamins and minerals into the body when it is still toxic. Imagine having a bathtub filled with water, dirt, bacteria, bugs, etc. Simply pouring bleach or cleaning agents into the water will not do the job. You first must clean out the bacteria, and then improve the way in which it is taken care of.

But how do you detoxify the body?


Chelation was introduced into practice during World War I when so many people had ingested poison gas called lewsite. BAL or British Anti Lewsite (formally known as dimercaprol) was used to chelate the lewsite. BAL had very severe side effects, however.

After World War II, a number of people suffered from lead poisoning. The chelating agent EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic) was introduced in order to chelate the lead. Because EDTA is a synthetic amino acid and has no mercaptans (mercury capturers), the side effects were not nearly as severe as BAL.

Since then, there have been a number of modifications and researchers are always looking for better treatment methods that have minimal side effects. There is a low occurrence of side effects when chelation is used at the dose and infusion rates approved by the U.S. FDA as a treatment for heavy metal poisoning.

(We’ve spoken more in depth about Chelation on this blog before. Please do check that out!)


As the name suggests, juicing refers to detoxing the body by consuming raw fruits and vegetable

s that are highly concentrated. Juices are digested by the body very quickly – in about 25 minutes. Because of this, the digestive system has very little to do with processing the juice. We aren’t talking about juices that are found in stores. These are treated with sugars and other ingredients that do not benefit the detoxification process.

Juicing is most effective and beneficial when it is made from the right fruits and vegetables at home, specifically organic fruits and veggies. Organic fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients and will saturate your body with the healthy enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Think about it: doesn’t a nice, long shower with soap and water feel much better than running a wet tissue over your skin for the purpose of cleaning?  It’s a similar situation with consuming organic fruits and vegetables.


DAN! Protocol

The Defeat Autism Now! Protocol is a series of alternative medicine solutions for Autism. There are several avenues that a DAN! Doctor may explore, but traditionally, the following plan may be enforced.

Dietary intervention: Omission of Gluten (Wheat) and Casein (Dairy) products from your child’s diet. Additionally omitting junk foods that have refined sugar.
Vitamin and Mineral Supplements – To balance out the dietary changes, replacement minerals and vitamins that the body may lack will be supplemented. Some of the vitamins and minerals commonly supplemented:  Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B5.
Chelation – the removal of heavy metals which have proven to be very destructive to the Autistic body (as we mentioned).
Treatment of intestinal bacteria

The most important thing to remember here is the order in which detoxification should be done. First, determine that the body really is toxic. Then, detoxify the body.  Thirdly, repair the body. Then, replace nutrients. It’s important that this order be taken as any other way would not be as effective. You must rid the body of toxins, start with a clean slate, and then proceed with repairing procedures or practices.

Understanding Allergies: How to Detect the Seemingly Undetectable Food Sensitivities


Chances are that you or someone you know has an obvious allergy. In my practice, I have seen numerous ones coming in to see me following an allergic reaction to something simple as Sugar, Tomato, Corn and Peanut. They get hives, and their eyes swell to the size of golf balls. It isn’t very pretty, but it’s blatantly obvious that they have the allergies because their bodies have a physical reaction to it. This is known as a Type I or IgE reaction to food.

There is yet another type of reaction that is harder to detect. Type II or IgG reactions are not immediate and are moreso delayed reactions. Different foods break down and digest at different speeds so the toxicity of these foods to our body differs based on the type of food, the speed at which it breaks down, and our own body’s chemistry.

Though the explanation is suitable, it still leaves one wondering how to detect these allergies and sensitivities before they create more damage and potentially irreversible affects to the body. Without a very scientific and advanced test, IgG reactions and sensitivities are nearly impossible to detect.

Luckily, science is constantly advancing and there is a test that can be conducted to detect these slower moving toxic reactions. The IgG Food Allergy test. The testing from the outside seems simple enough. You or your child get your blood drawn, and then the lab sends you a list of your toxic foods. Many people find that they only have a few toxic foods that are in their workup, however these foods are a significant part of their regular diet. Imagine if you have an allergy to chicken and pasta. While these are only two foods, you might eat them several times a week. Imagine the damage you are doing to your body!

East Valley Naturopathic Doctor’s say:

“A Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) article revealed that more than 75% of the money spent on health care is spent on chronic conditions. Our research indicates that a great deal of these chronic conditions are the direct result of food toxicities; easily treatable by simply removing the foods from your diet.”

After changing their diet to avoid the foods that are proven toxic, people report that their concentration, energy, and general mood improve almost immediately.

Now, it is known that the Autistic body is often very sensitive and children with Autism have many allergies. A lot of these prove to be IgE allergies, to where an immediate reaction is seen. But with so many potential Type II, IgG reactions, what is your child really allergic to? Could the healthy foods that you are directed to give them be really causing havoc on their bodies? Sure, fruits are vegetables are reported to be good for the body, but what if YOUR body or YOUR CHILD’S body doesn’t process these foods in a way that is beneficial?

The only way to find out exactly what foods are good for the body is by having an IgG Food Allergy test done. This is the most efficient and complete way to discover what foods are toxic to your child’s body. Before you can put your child on any Gluten Free, Casein Free, or Limited Fruit diet, it’s important that you discover which foods are really beneficial to them.