Body Detox Part III: Body Repair Methods


Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed the toxic body of Autistic children. We’ve talked about the sources of these toxins, as well as ways to detoxify or rid the body of these toxins. Once it is found that the body is indeed toxin infected, and the body is cleaned of these toxins, the next step is to “rebuild” or “repair” the body from the damage that was done to it.

This is something that is particularly studied in Biomedical treatments.

Biomedical Treatments is based upon the belief that the neurological symptoms experienced are the direct result of the physical ailments that children are having, and if the physical is treated, a great deal of symptoms can be alleviated. The main steps in a Biomedical Treatment are:

1. Decrease the level of toxins

2.Help the stomach to heal

3. Increase nutrients

4. Get rid of metals and other toxins.

It is believed that once these things are achieved, the neurological impairments will greatly improve. The most important and in depth step is the first step — Decrease the level of toxins.There are numerous things that are toxic to the body, and as many, if not all must be removed in order to achieve the greatest results. The things that can and should be removed are both dietary and environmental.

  • From a diet aspect:  gluten, dairy, allergens, and bad sugars should all be removed from the diet.
  • Household cleaners should be removed and replaced with natural forms.
  • If your child needs dental work, be sure not to have silver fillings put in their mouths, as they contain mercury.
  • Add a Hepa Air Filter to your child’s room.
  • Ensure that any vaccinations that need to be given are Thimerosal free.
  • Use a fluoride-free toothpaste

From here, it’s necessary to allow and assist the damages already infringed on the body to heal. This is often helpful if a combination of  vitamins are used. Cod Liver Oil, for example has a necessary level of Vitamin A and also aids in the repairing of intestinal walls. It’s also essential to use digestive enzymes and Colostrum (a stomach healing natural supplement) to better help in the body’s repair.

Also important is to keep the level of nutrients up by giving a sufficient level of Vitamins (A, D, B, Zinc, etc.) in order for the body to not only heal, but become stronger. To restore your child to good health, getting the toxins out via detoxification is helpful. There are natural detoxifiers as well as medicinal technique (Chelation therapy).

Bottom line, Biomedical Treatment is still being tested among Autism and Neurological Disorder patients. There  are many success stories. There are also doctors who believe that this method does not work, as they had no success with it. It’s important to keep in mind that the diets of children are traditionally very poor due to the Americanized diet. With that in mind, the removal of the poor diet and repairing of the body may take a little longer than expected due to the damages in the body.


  1. Sima Baghbanian says

    Dear Dr.Chun,
    These daily important nutritional points that you highlight are very essential and pracrical for our children.
    Thanx alot.

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