An Autism Treatment as Easy as H2O?

waterionizer imageAs humans, we are always putting things into our bodies to get some kind of reaction. Whether its caffeine for stimulation, liquids for hydration, or fiber for regularity, we’re constantly aiming to have our bodies in the best, most healthy state. Even when we’re not at our best, we put medications inside of us to alleviate symptoms and kill viruses. In order to heal, the body needs to return to a balanced state, replenishing things its missing, and taking away the overkill of some other things.

Could treatment for Autism come from something as simple as good old H2O?

The Ionization of Water

It’s no big secret that water in its tap form isn’t the most healthy. Everyday, many of us put our water through a filtration process. It’s become much easier these days with the easily available and affordable water filtration systems.We take out the things that we don’t need. Who wants damaging parasites in their water?

Additionally, we can go a step further and concentrate the benefits of water, while also targeting consistent problem areas with Autism is by putting water through an ionizing process. The Ionization Process concentrates minerals that are already existent in water such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. The produced product is water that can be more easily absorbed by the body and improves the function of antioxidants in the body. Consuming ionized water enables the body’s own antioxidants to neutralize other free radicals than would normally be possible by consuming traditional filtered water.

The Ideal Treatment

In Autism cases, brain inflammation is a prominent feature as certain immune components that promote inflammation are often triggered in autism cases. Also, the autistic person often has oxidation stress. Typically, antioxidant supplements are used to treat this symptom. In order to neutralize the neuro-inflammation, an ideal treatment, no matter if it’s an antioxidant or other form, should have a slight alkaline pH level, an increased anti-oxidation capability, and a very small molecular structure to make for an easier passage through cells.

Where’s the connection?

Well, as we said, the ideal antioxidant would target the problem areas that are often found in Autism. The ideal treatment carries all of the features of ionized water. It concentrates the minerals, carries a slight alkaline pH to balance neuro-inflammation, anti-oxidation capability, and a miniscule molecular structure for cell passage.



  1. aamir aziz says

    how long it will take for autistic child to recover completely through this type of that type of water available in the market for autistic children.please describe

  2. Sonia Veimer says

    how long it will take for autistic child to recover completely through this type of that type of water available in the market for autistic children.please describe

  3. John says

    Probably talking to comp.machine
    Are yoy a humans or NLO
    you just send as a mail,mail,mail
    Isit realy exist this doctor?

  4. admin says

    Dear Sir,
    Dr. Chun Wong is the doctor who is operating this blog. Our office Integrative
    Autism Medicine is dedicated to treating autism. We will be happy to respond
    to any questions you may have.

  5. admin says

    Hi Sonia and Hammam, If you are interested google Kangen water and we could help get you a machine unit to make your own with full professional support. Let us know.

  6. aamir aziz says

    dear sir,

    what is the price of the machine unit for getting Kangen water and from where do i get it in pakistan or indian sub-continent.

  7. admin says

    Hello to all interested in the unit, Please contact our office at and let her know of your interest. The unit costs from $1000 to $4000 for the superior version and can be shipped to your country. It is hand-made in Japan individually.

  8. N. M. Rao says

    Do you have any references that some of the autisitic children used and benifited?
    Please provide the contacts…

  9. aamir aziz says

    my daughter is 6years of age and unable to does the ionized water will help her to restore this particular problem.and please e-mail me the article/research describing herewith the various methods to improve/restore her speech at the earliest.

    thanks and regards

    aamir aziz

  10. admin says

    This treatment would be beneficial for him. There are plenty of testimonials
    online, even through Generation Rescue. Many success stories and people
    willing to share.

  11. admin says

    On my website please click on products for information on how to purchase
    reference manuals for biomedical treatments. These manuals include consultations
    with Dr. Wong in order to receive guidance on treatment.

  12. pat says

    is this machine available in australia and how effective is on 15 year old autistic boy

  13. admin says

    Hi Pat, the water machine is most probably available in Australia but I could have it also arranged to be sold to you from us with full support. We do get some kickback for doing this as a means to pay for this free website. The effectiveness is the same regardless of the age group.

  14. awa says

    Dr. wong how ican i get it in the gambia 4 my 7 yrs old boy n how will the water help since it is different from d water we r drinking

  15. admin says

    Hi Awa, All you need is the machine to convert regular water to Kangen water. You can get the machine from us.

  16. alcira herrera says

    recently I red a report from CNN in spanish that the vaccine theory didn’t have to be with autismo, is this true?Confirm this, please,

    secondly, has the machine convert the same effect in the autism than water treted by ozonizacion.Please stablish diferences.

  17. admin says

    Hi Alcira, Many people had for years trying to disapprove that vaccinations does not cause autism. You would noticed that the people behind this usually had financial gain in mind. Also, there is another group usually parents/families with autistic kids and vaccinated who is NOT the same. So the question is who should you listen to and are you willing to take the chance to vaccinate or not. My point is “BE INFORMED”. Good luck.

  18. admin says

    Difference between Kangen water and those water being ionized. Kangen has the smallest molecules to enter cells or blood-brain barrier. Its pH or charges can be manipulated to suit the body. It is basically an anti-oxidant. Ionized water can be an anti-oxidant but its pH cannot be manipulated and the size is the same as untreated water but with a “charge”.

  19. Melissa says


    I am looking for a whole house water system. Does Kagen offer a whole house system? I would like the bath and show water to be ionized as well.

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