Autism in the Movies

Below is a list of movies containing autistic individuals or individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  If we have missed any movies on this list, please let us know!

After Thomas
Autism: The Musical
Backstreet Dreams
Change of Habit
Cries from the Heart
David’s Mother
Fielder’s Choice
Fly Away
Forrest Gump
House of Cards
I Am Sam
Killer Diller
Little Man Tate
Mercury Rising
Miracle Run
Mozart and The Whale
My Name is Khan
Rain Man
Run Wild, Run Free
Silence (also known as Crazy Jack and The Boy)
Silent Fall
Snow Cake
Temple Grandin
The Black Balloon
The Boy Who Could Fly
The Other Sister
The Pit
The Sunshine Boy
Under the Piano
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?



  1. Mirena says

    Nice idea to come up with a list like that. I would also add a great HBO movie to see : A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back to Autism!

  2. Meda says

    Another movie to add
    Ocean Heaven (2010) Jet Lee, Wen Zhang.
    A single father with terminal cancer prepares to face death, and struggles to ensure that his autistic son will be well cared for after he is gone in this emotionally-charged family drama starring Jet Li. David was only seven when his mother died. Now, at 22, he still doesn’t seem to register that she is never coming home. His father Sam (Li) works at an aquarium. With the help of their benevolent neighbors, David has managed to give his son a good life. But now Sam is dying, and soon David will be all alone. As his condition rapidly deteriorates, Sam attempts to provide David with the tools and lessons he will need to function independently in society

  3. Mirena says

    Here are two more movies to add to the list : “Wretches and Jabberers” and “The hourse boy”

  4. Louann Petrucci says

    the new family-friendly comedy, “PIE HEAD: (A KINDA’ TRUE STORY)” had its world premiere 3/23 as an Official Selection in the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood. On the film festival circuit, expected distribution later in 2012. (The film features a young actor with Asperger’s, & employed autistic crew and post-production staff! )

  5. Louann Petrucci says

    Update: “Pie Head: (A Kinda’ True Story)” named WINNER of the Hollywood & Vine 2012 Film Festival…Best Feature Film Script; Grand Jury Award. Very proud of our inspirational cast and crew! Look for “Pie Head” soon, & be inspired in 2013!

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