Autism and Vaccination Rates in Cuba and the United States – Part Two

There is one difference between Cuban and American vaccination practices. In the United States acetaminophen is routinely advised in conjunction with childhood vaccinations to control fever and discomfort. The Cuban perspective is that fever is a natural response to the vaccination which doesn’t need treatment unless the fever persists or rises above 104 degrees. Acetaminophen is also a controlled drug in Cuba available only in limited amounts by prescription.

While there is no conclusive proof that acetaminophen causes autism, further study is warranted. Dr. William Shaw of Great Plains Laboratories has identified a historical pattern of increased use of acetaminophen whenever autism rates have risen. He has also identified how the drug breaks down in the body and how metabolic byproducts can interfere with neural development. With additional study, perhaps the key to unlocking autism’s causes is close at hand.

Interesting isn’t it?


  1. K says

    My 2 year old has autism and I never gave him acetaminophen after his shots nor do I ever give him medications of that nature due to I think most medications do have negative long term effects.

  2. admin says

    Hi K, most people think that autism is caused by vaccines but often they forget about how important it is that the health of the mother pre-conception and conception are equally important for the health of the fetus.

  3. Nuha says

    I help the children in our center by teaching them all the skills in dailly living aspects regarding to ABA and there is a good result

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