Autism and Vaccination Rates in Cuba and the United States – Part One

With rates of autism in the United States reaching near-epidemic proportions, efforts to identify autism’s causes continue. Researchers are working diligently to discover why the U.S. has one of the highest rates of autism in the world while small less-developed nations like Cuba have a much lower incidence. While there has been much discussion whether differences in vaccination rates between the two countries may account for the disparity in autism prevalence, there are some theories that exist.

The Cuban childhood vaccination schedule includes protection against 13 diseases in 11 vaccines in a total of 34 doses while the United States requires 11 vaccines in 36 doses. About 99 percent of Cuban children are fully vaccinated versus about 85 percent of American children. With two very similar vaccination schedules it makes one question whether vaccinations themselves are causing the alarming rise in autism in the U.S. or if it is due to something else?

There is a marked difference in the two nations’ autism rates. Cuba reports a rate of only 0.00168 percent while the U.S. rate stands at 1.13 percent. Both nations vaccinate for similar diseases such as polio and measles so the idea that vaccinations somehow cause autism would seem to be discounted.

Where do you think the difference may lay?


  1. Trude Kløvning says

    The comparison between the vaccination schedules in Cuba and the US is interesting. I wonder, however, if vaccinations in the two countries are given in the same age groups / time span? My impression is that very many vaccinations given in a short time can be harmful. I also wonder whether American babies are exposed to other toxic substances to a greater degree than Cuban babies, e.g. substances in what they eat or drink?


  2. Chriszello says

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  3. admin says

    Hi Trude, you are starting to think like a scientist and I agreed with your comments. However, I think the message from this posting is there is a strong correlation between vaccine and ASD.

  4. Zacharia says

    Are we sure that the vaccine composition used
    in Cuba and in USA is just the same one ?

  5. admin says

    Hi Zacharia, you are another scientist. I cannnot be sure of the exact ingredients for those vaccines of Cuba and since the US embargo I read from literature that they made some of their vaccines. Cuba’s vaccines got be ‘safer’ with less neurotoxins or more but nevertheless, even with a safer ingredients this could help explained for its lower autism rate correlation. In another word, if their vaccines are more toxic then they still have lower rate because of lesser vaccine schedule. I do have the updated ingredient list from CDC of the manufacturers of those vaccines that also supply to the rest of the world. Check this out:

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