About Dr. Chun Wong

chun_wong_headshotMore than ten years ago, I saw my first patient with Autism. At that time there was not much happening in the realm of safe, effective Autism treatments. I felt helpless and I can only imagine how the parents felt. I was limited in my skills and resources were minimal. I wanted to provide effective treatment but my hands were ‘tied’. Prior to being a physician, I was a dietary consultant for the community. Although rewarding, I felt that I was stuck because I knew that there was much more that I could do to help people. I wanted to assist people lead happier and healthier lives by making the correct healthy choices. I felt that I was helping people – but not giving everything that I could offer. Because of my desire to do more for people, I made the decision to provide natural healthcare with a focus in Autism and diet. From that moment on, I devoured as much information as possible. I looked into Eastern medicine, natural medicine, and the thoughts behind western medicine.

In order to learn more about Autism, I even took on free patients just to increase my knowledge of Autism. Because I was previously a nutritionist, I have much knowledge already in biomedical approaches to diseases and health care.

I received my education at the University of Toronto majoring in microbiology, human biology and nutrition. From there, I went on to receive my Doctorate in Chiropractic from the National University of Health Sciences. You can see me at LinkedIn.

Through my experience and education, I have learned much about potential Autism causes as well as a variety of effective Autism treatments that have helped thousands of families learn how to overcome the often frustrating symptoms of Autism.

It is my belief that Autism doesn’t need to be treated — the symptoms need to be treated in order to improve the overall quality of life. From HBOT to blood testing, I provide many treatments and tests that I can do in the office or via online to assist families get a better idea on what is affecting their child’s conditions.

I have many patients all over Europe of which I have assisted in successfully managing their Autism. Some are progressing very well. As every person is different, and so some are experiencing a slower recovering.

On my two websites, NewAutism.com and DrChunWong.com, I discuss many different medical technologies and treatments to assist a number of conditions. My main focus is Autism, and making often difficult medical terminology easier to understand for parents and caregivers.

I am currently developing a neurological model for Autism treatment. Additionally, I provide up-to-date information on biomedical procedures that prove effective in treating Autism.

Along with my passion for Autism, I am also an expert in weight loss and healthy lifestyle methods. I practice natural healthcare and specialize in chronic pain and pediatric conditions.

My one true hope is to make a difference for children, parents and caregivers who are dealing with Autism. I want people to see that Autism is not a lifetime sentence.

It’s about making the right choices in order to make a difference – and I am here to help. Autism is a treatable disease.

To Your Health,